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Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong American martial artist, action film actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, filmmaker, and the founder of Jeet Kune Do.


He is the greatest athlete that has ever lived fast and furious, strong both mentally and physically. Now you better add him in the list or I will kill you all.

Indeed my friend, Indeed. Bruce lee was an impressive physical specimen and extremely bright. He was ambitious and dedicated, or more so devoted to his "craft". He pushed the boundaries and reproved the false notions of what is possible. Hypothetically speaking of course, lets say aliens decided to visit our planet to observe the human capacity and articulation of combat and self defense. Bruce would without a doubt be the poster child. He displayed, to a great extent, what the human being can do regarding combat.

He changed the way we thought about martial arts and singlehandily showed the world that size did NOT matter when it came to being deadly. The mix of intellect, strength and speed will possibly NEVER be surpassed...

Bruce Lee, the pioneer of MMA, he taught not to limit ones self to one style but learn many and become well rounded. This is a top ATHETES page, no other person listed was a more rounded and gifted athlete. 2% body fat, ripped and could outlast any of these athletes in almost any category, with the exception of Michael Phelps and swimming, who knows. He is superhuman and showed unbelievable athleticism, none of which any athletes posted here could even come close to. It seems like this more of a popularity contest. Really, MJ #1? Put Lee next to Jordan in any athletic category except high jumping of course and I'll bet he gets smoked!

Bruce Lee is number 1 for sure. He was a freak of nature. He was on another planet altogether, which is why it's difficult to compare him to others. Failure was not an option for Bruce Lee. He was 99.99% accurate 99.99% of the time. No other athlete in any sport has anywhere near his level of proficiency. And why was he so great? Probably due to a freakishly superior nervous system including brains...

Bruce it's like zen if you think about it you will loose it. Its just can get any better guys believe it or not, he was the superior in all mankind history until now year 2014 regarding sports and athletics.
The simplicity in all it's greatness form that almost to touch the perfection.

Bruce Lee inch punch can make someone fly back 10 feet, kicks a metal punching bag because a regular sand punching bag keeps breaking and can catch 10 rice pieces in midair with chopstick. He trains his abs with a bowling bowl falling on his stomach from 15 feet high by hardening it for endurance.

Bruce Lee is the best fighter of all time. He has the speed, power, and agility. No one in the world is better then him. People who think Chuck Norris is better have never seen Bruce fight and when they do they are going to have second thoughts about what they thought before.

Bruce Lee is so quick that he could taka a quarter from your hand and replace it before you could close your fist. He even beat CHUCK NORRIS in a sparring match. He has inspired me to never give up.

All the athletes on this list are awesome but ultimately Bruce lee is an ultimate athlete and I don't think any one on this list can keep up with Bruce, even they would agree with this, he is a legend and he was not born a superhuman but made...

Athlete is not someone who is good in scoring in Basketball. Athlete means somebody who is flexible, powerful, resilient, well, confident, humble, respectful, creative and BEST to the best of his potential. That to say is Bruce lee.

He could perform 50 one arm chin ups. His one inch punch is legendary. I don't understand why he is not in the top ten. He was not just an athlete, but also arguably the most influential martial artist of all time

Dominated fast strongest brain. He could beat anyone in a ring. In 40years no one has come close. When he was alive he was always the best you can't say that about any other athlete

Bruce Lee was the only guy whose strength and athleticism was admired by many different athletes, he is extremely fast and flexible, faster than any other fighter till now

Bruce lee is the best athlete ever all of his movies except his last were true stories he could beat up anyone on this list simply the best!

Why Michael Jordan is the top when all he does to dunk a basket. Not on my list. Besides this is cultural bias. North America and the West do NOT represent the world.

As a martial artist and as one gets older, the body tells you to continue ones craft for not only will one loose it, maybe. But one would feel it (aches) as well. One can only get stronger.

Not a sportsman, per say, but undoubtedly an athlete. Scientifically studied for his unprecedented muscular symmetry, Bruce was know for unparalleled speed and precision.

Bruce Lee number 12? Are you all smoking rocks? Bruce Lee is and will always be the greatest athlete.

A great athletes! He's amazing and lots of people change because of him! On his time, he created his own way! He is a LEGEND!

Just read the description of this list and go threw the names. As you go through this list you will find only one possible choice. And that choice will be Bruce Lee.

You can hardly see him move! He was so fast! Besides, his martial arts movies are still way better than anything that Hong Kong or Hollywood can come up today...

Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris. Therefore Bruce Lee is 2nd runner up for ruler of the universe. First is the flying spaghetti monster.

If you want to know, how great athlete he was? Match his skills with any athlete in the world.

Bruce lee is the ultimate athlete there is no dought in that, is there any one on this list who can do two finger pushups it's a fact no