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Muhammad Ali (January 17th 1942 - June 3rd 2016) was an American former professional boxer . He was generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.


If anyone ask a name in sports they remember or heard of, no doubt the name would be Muhammad Ali. No sportsman comes near to Muhammad Ali. Fact is that, there are many places in world continents where many people may not know or even heard of Michael Jordan or any other sportsperson mentioned here, but it is most likely that they would have heard and known Muhammad Ali. So, to me, he is the greatest sportsman ever born. I am 100 percent sure that even after 100 years Muhammad Ali's name would be known to many whereas names of other sportsman is most likely to fade away from memory (possibly remaining in record books).

he should be number one. today, he turned 65. there was never an athlete that stood out like this man. he started trash talking, and was able to back it up. no doubt the greatest athlete ever. he not only changed the sport of boxing, but sports in general and he was politically and socially active. he stood for something. he stood for equality. ali refused to go to war with vietnam because he felt it was unethical. no other sportsman stood out like him. he was the first incredible Islamic athlete in a western society. the greatest boxer of all time. nobody touches this guy. best athlete ever.

Confident, dedicated, courageous, personable, intelligent, coordinated, fast, agile, strong, strategizing, great stamina and graceful... This man had it all! He could through every punch there was well, he could take a punch, he could make you miss, he could fight orthodox but would choose to fight in a manner that would ensure a loss to anyone else. He is Muhammad Ali, the greatest athlete and champion we have ever known. I believe he is number one even above Michael Jordan.

Speed, endurance, skills and innovative techniques in his sports, plus beautiful philosophical mind - just read his famous quotes, charms that en-captured audiences across the borders, ethnicities, colour, religion or race... Simply he was splendid, arguably the only one who commanded respect even from media, politicians, sports lovers, rather an inspiration for younger generations across two centuries.

Everybody knows that the greatest athlete of all time was Muhammad Ali. He wouldn't be called the greatest if he wasn't. Anyone who knows sports or even sports history, should know Muhammad Ali was the most known person on the planet. No matter where you go, ancity, any country, and people know the name Muhammad Ali. One of our very own presidents (Bill Clinton) cried when Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic torch. Enough said. - kvill

In his profession and in his humanity, Muhammad Ali is:
Pure, honest, graceful, proud, humble, wise, playful and entertaining. During a moment in our nation's history, few individuals managed to rise to the top of sports, popularity, social and spiritual commentary as did Mr. Ali. Willing to give up everything for his faith and beliefs during the Vietnam War.
On top of all of that, he changed boxing forever. Ask every boxer that trained with or fought him... He is the Greatest regardless of the sport. Come on, 15 rounds of heavyweight boxing(? )... There will never be another in or out of the ring and that's how it should be.

There are many great athletes in different sports in different times. It is rare to see athletes who go beyond their playing stage and influence the best in humanity, to stand up for principles, to be forgiving, and kind. Of course every human being has flaws and weaknesses so this is not to idolize Ali. The film "When we were Kings" is one of my favorite go to sources of inspiration. It symbolizes going against the Goliath's of our lives. Being great isn't just about your wins, but how you help bring the best of humanity out in others, and Ali other than his showmanship, exemplified this.

He was the first to win the title, lose it, and then come back to win it again. Not to mention that he did it during what is arguably one of boxings toughest eras, and during an extremely difficult time during American history with the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement in full swing. Not only was his talent and style astonishing, he was an icon when the world needed one.

An athlete will be remember for more than just tapes of his games, tales of his wins and quotes of his wit; he will be remember for inspiring not just other athletes but human beings who know nothing about the sport. That is Muhammad Ali.

I have never seen any other sportsperson who played his sport so differently from all others in the sport.
All the other great boxers had strength. But Ali transformed the most brutal of all sports into an Art & a Science. He had great agility for a heavyweight, offensive & defensive skills in equal measure, exemplary reflexes, tactics, endurance, presence of mind and most of all confidence & fearlessness. The fact that he definitely was not as strong as the others in a sport like boxing, and yet managed to beat all of them consistently throughout his career makes his achievements astounding.
He took on an entire country & refused to take part in a war which he thought was unjust, which speaks volumes about his character, which is very true and not media-built which is the case nowadays. The fact that in the process, he was willing to sacrifice his career & the money that goes along with it, that too when he was in the prime of his age & skill, makes it unthinkable. I don't see ...more

He is the most inspirational and most thrilling athlete of all time. If you judge his boxing carrier only addressing its first half before being banned because of his opposition to kill another colored people for the sake of white man in Vietnam, you will see he is the greatest athlete of all time with all of his athletic abilities; such as speed, coordination, accuracy. If you judge him addressing his whole carrier you will see the most honorable, durable, skilled warrior in box arena and outside teaching us what is important and what is not. I think he is one of prominent reasons of why the world and especially U.S.A is no longer so racist like in his childhood. He is the best sportsman, most importantly he is the definition of man.

An amazing individual. His impact on not only the sport but the world has far surpassed many if not all athletes! People will say for centuries that this was the man... This was the Greatest!

I feel sorry to see Ali in the second place. He should be in the first place. Ali is something what a man should be. I hear his name from my childhood when I even did not know him. Even though boxing was not available in our circumstances. But I believe no one can take no ones place. So who is the greatest does not matter. Everyone is best in themselves.

MJ is definitely overrated. I would like to see him one on one against Julius Irving. Unfortunately these type of ratings are always greatly impacted by the age of the voters. It is not worth the effort unless the voting is limited to a tie period - E.G. 10 years 1990-2000

He was not only the greatest fighter in the ring but the greatest freedom fighter of all time! He concurred hearts and inspired minds on generations throughout the world!

Are you guys kidding me?! It's an insult that he is in second place! Man like Ali should be in the first place hands down! He was, is and will be the greatest athlete of all time and no one I mean no one can get to the level he was. People like Ali takes birth once in a generation. He will always be my best Athlete of all time...

Simply the Greatest of All time. Best fighter in history and undoubtedly courageous and brave in and out of the ring. Vietnam, segregation, list goes on. I love you Muhammad Ali my brother.

First of all ali is not the greatest boxer of all time anybody who knows anything about boxing knows that sugar ray robinson is the greatest pound for pound boxer of all time. Ali is not even the second best in his sport henry armstrong is. The only reason some people think that ali is the greatest of all time is because he had charisma. If anybody should be on this list it should be sugar ray robinson.

Greatest heavyweight boxer of all time is clear, but what Ali did away from the ring - inspiring the world with his courage, his principles and character, not to mention entertaining everyone along the way, is what puts him over the top

Best ever sports man in the world because his every punch is comprises of great power and direction. He set the mile stone in the history of sports for new commerce and he also show his social works by creating NGO.

He dominated at his sport unlike any other. He basically was unbeatable. How can people put Jordon first? Sure he's a great athlete but come on he doesn't touch Ali.

When you speak boxing you speak in ali, when you speak ali you speak the world. You can argue about best boxer of all times but what this man did for humanity is larger than life. Through boxing he transcended his believes, his biggest fight wasnt against frazier or foreman, his biggest fight was outside the ring, fight for human rights. And with the sarcasm and charisma he stole the hearts of every single person in the world.

Ali deserves to be almost at the top. But where is Sugar Ray Robinson, almost univerally acclaimed as the greatest boxer, pound for pound who ever lived? At one time, before age set it, Robinson had a record of something like 120 wins and 1 defeat. I got down to #40 and had to go back up because I couldn't believe an acclaimed athlete like Robinson was not there. I thought I had missed it.

Ali was simply the best, who should be in second place, after Bruce Lee. Lee was simply the best athlete out there. No one can do what he did, nor will anyone ever be able to.

I think he is the best boxer most probably. I have watched all his fights and I can't help but think if Tyson had stayed level headed and continued to dominate for as long as he could possibly have done we wouldn't even talk about Ali. All Ali competitors also speak high of him now Call of Duty his handicapped.