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361 Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong

Sorry, this guy cheated his way to the top and as such he should not be on ANY list.

Everyone in the sport of cycling has done some sort of drug to be better. It's part of the history of the sport. It is still going on and I personally think it always will. It was a domino effect, because once one guy does it and is now better, the next guy is gonna want to do it to be better. Lance is an extremely strong athlete, as well as a strong person. He has fought many things. He has fought accusations of using dope, and lied, but he also fought cancer. He might of lost his titles, but has not lost my respect for him.

Cyclists never let up as the rider covers 2, 200 miles over 21 days. No other sport requires so much endurance for such a long period of time. A marathon is exhausting, but it is over in 2 hours for the winner. Tennis players play six rounds in tournament, pretty tough, but not as exhausting as Tour ride.

He sucks he cheated

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362 Nolan Ryan Nolan Ryan

Wow, how quick people forget. Most dominant pitcher of his time.

He has 5 no hitters come on. He 1 of the best.

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363 Tiki Barber

best giant running back small and quick could run through the hole with the quickness

364 Brian Lara

Most cricket world records for batting

Broke the Test and First Class records a few months apart. Still standing

Ability to change a game. Lots of records. Deserves to be in the top 50

365 Dwyane Wade Dwyane Wade Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association.

He came into the league among Lebron James Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh and he pulled himself away from the shadows and was the first among them to win a NBA ring, also winning finals MVP. He has the closest high flyer style to Michael Jordan and now even Lebron realized that Wade can do it better and joined him in Miami, so he can finally win a ring, but he will never do it on his own like Wade did. Above all this, at this point he is the best clutch player in the league, that's why when the game is on the line the ball goes to Wade not James.

He has incredible speed, agility, strength, balance, hand eye coordination, touch and was never intimidated by pressure, opponents or odds, he played through injury and carried an otherwise terrible team to the playoffs for so many years, and the heat wouldn't even come close to a championship in 06 had it no been for him.

best team player, very unselfish. Best looking too!

Dwyane wade forever... Period.

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366 Paavo Nurmi

Nurmi won a total of nine gold and three silver medals in the 12 events in which he competed at the Olympic Games from 1920 to 1928.

Nurmi is also considered the best Olympian of all time.

Best athlete in the Olympic Games ever! He could beat the competitors with just half the energy he had in he's body.

It was a long time ago, but you can't argue the fact that he won the 1500, 5000 and 10000 in the Olympics. Plus he won multiple gold metals throughout three Olympic appearances.

Greatest athlete ever. period

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367 Reggie Bush Reggie Bush Reginald Alfred "Reggie" Bush Jr. is an American football running back who is currently on the Buffalo Bills roster.

Re-energized new orleans. Period.

368 Mike Piazza
369 Jonah Lomu

The fact that he is not in the top 10 is scary but to be in 82nd place is frankly insulting. Although most people on this site have no idea about rugby you have to look this guy up. Over 115kg and could run the 100m in under 11 seconds, oh and he was a winger, kind of like a running back or wide receiver, find me one person in either rugby or football who was more dominant than this man. Having an incredible career struck down by kidney failure is such a loss and I'm confident that if his career was longer people in America would have heard of him and he would be in the top 10. Honestly people just watch him on YouTube.

Tiger Woods, a golfer, is in the top ten and Lomu, who got offered a spot on the Dallas Cowboys- for playing an entirely different sport, is at 41? Undeniably the greatest rugger of all time, the most physically impressive athlete ever to grace this planet, and the talent to back it up.

Should easily be in the top 10, he is the greatest rugby player of all time and probably could have been in the greatest nfl players of all time had he played the sport. The man was a monster, insanely strong and powerful and scarily fast too.

He was the greatest rugby player of all-time aka GOAT

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370 Paula Newby-Fraser

Winner of more Ironman Triathlons than anyone on the planet

371 Karen Smyers

Gold Hawaii Ironman 1990 Women's Triathlon
Gold Hawaii Ironman 1995 Women's Triathlon
Pan American Games
Gold Mar del Plata 1995 Women's Triathlon
Gold Mar del Plata 1999 Women's Triathlon
ITU World Championships
Gold ITU World's 1995 Women's Triathlon
US Pro Nationals
Gold 1990 US Pro Nationals Women's Triathlon
Gold 1991 US Pro Nationals Women's Triathlon
Gold 1992 US Pro Nationals Women's Triathlon
Gold 1993 US Pro Nationals Women's Triathlon
Gold 1994 US Pro Nationals Women's Triathlon
Gold 1995 US Pro Nationals Women's Triathlon -

372 Gene Conley

NBA Champion 1958-59
NBA Champion 1959-60
NBA Champion 1960-61
World Series Champion 1957
MLB All-Star 1954, 1955, 1959

1952 Boston Red Sox
1954-58 Milwaukee Braves
1959-60 Philadelphia Phillies
1961-63 Boston Red Sox

1952-53 Boston Celtics
1958-61 Boston Celtics
1962-64 New York Knicks

373 Karch Kiraly

Dominated his sport (volleyball) for decades. Considered the greatest VB player ever, and IMHO in the top 50 athletes of all time.

And Paolo Bernardi? He was voted the best volley player of all time TOGETHER with kiraly

374 Pete Rose

What of Wilma Rudolph or Jesse Owens or Jim Thorpe

375 Nastia Liukin
376 Chris Bosh Chris Bosh Christopher Wesson Bosh is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association.
377 Satchel Paige V 1 Comment
378 Phil Taylor Phil Taylor Philip John Taylor, better known as "Philthy Animal" Taylor, was an English rock drummer in the British Rock 'n' Roll band Motörhead from 1975–1984 and 1987–1992 recording eleven studio albums and four live albums, including No Sleep 'til Hammersmith and Nö Sleep at All, between them.

Is darts a sport in the professional era the answer is yes and for a man in his 50, s to still be at the very top level of his sport is truly remarkable won everything many times over has the highest average ever seen in a game of darts think he should be mentioned amongst these many great ledgends

The greatest Dart player of all time. He should stand in the top 10. He is the best in his sport and will be the best for ever. A living legend

Don't underestimate the incredible skill, concentration and mental endurance to win so many titles. A giant that deserves to be higher.

16 time world champion. Who else can say that? Dominated his chosen sport for 20 years and has won more prize money than anyone else in history.

379 Scottie Pippen Scottie Pippen Scottie Maurice Pippen is an American retired professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association.

Scotty Pippen should be above most of these athletes listed here. If you ever watched him play with Jordan you would agree in comparison to some of these players that are listed way too high on the list.

Why is he here he should be way higher

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380 Paul Diggin

Reenergized Northampton Saints Seconds. Period. Unplayable at his best, unwatchable at worst.

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Wayne Gretzky is NOT One of the Greatest Athletes of All Time
What sport DIDN'T Jim Thorpe dominate?
Best athlete, not best player!
Ruth. Gretzky, Jordan
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