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441 Julius Erving Julius Erving Julius Winfield Erving II, commonly known by the nickname Dr. J, is an American retired basketball player who helped popularize a modern style of play that emphasizes leaping and playing above the rim.

Greatest ABA player, dunker! And 3 time champion.

Is Julius on the list? Should be in the top 50

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442 Michael Carey
443 Oscar DeLa Hoya
444 Dave Mirra
445 Bucky Lasek
446 Sebastien Loeb

Best rally driver ever. Dominant

447 Jay Cutler Jay Cutler Jay Christopher Cutler is a retired American football quarterback that of the National Football League. Cutler played 11 seasons in the NFL (2006-2016). During his announcement that Cutler declared retirement, he announced plans to be a television sportscaster for the FOX Network.

How in the heck is he on this list and not Miguel Cabrera? Jay Cutler plays for the Bears, they are already bad.

Tell me that when Cutler beats the Niners in the 2014 season I can predict the future +the Niners are 2-2 in week 4

448 Thad Lewis

Are you crazy. He has not even played ten games yet.

449 Tony Romo Tony Romo Antonio Ramiro "Tony" Romo is an American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

Tony romo throws pics in the shower

Wicked football player for dallas

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450 Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

Someone needs to change this list. One of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He's one of the only quarterbacks that can stay in the pocket and scramble. He is the Hail Mary King, no one throws better than him. He has the best arm in the NFL. By the time he's done, he'll be better that Tom Brady.

Aaron Rodgers got the NFL MVP. He is just a rookie.

Why is he so low

451 E.J. Manuel

He is just a rookie.

452 Greg Biffle
453 Misty May-Treanor

3 time defending Olympic Gold Medalist. Greatest volleyball player to ever live. Former record holder for most wins ever on a professional tour (AVP)

454 Forest Bakker
455 Julien Leleu
456 Hans Sarpei

Legendary Football star and in the footsteps of Chuck Norris.

457 Jocky Wilson

Jockey Wilson would eat everyone on this list for breakfast.

458 Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan, SBS, MBE, PMW, is a Hong Kong martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer. V 1 Comment
459 Gholam Hossein Takhti
460 Ronaldo Ronaldo

2 world cups. 3 times FIFA greatest of the year. The guy who scored more in world cups of all time.

I think he is one of the fittest persons on this planet

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Wayne Gretzky is NOT One of the Greatest Athletes of All Time
What sport DIDN'T Jim Thorpe dominate?
Best athlete, not best player!
Ruth. Gretzky, Jordan
Greatest ATHLETES of All Time
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