Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)

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Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as "Pelé", is a retired Brazilian professional footballer who played as a forward. He is one of the best players in football, hence why he's nicknamed the "king of football".


Complete player with both legs.
Mid Field player, not forward, and still best scorer of all time.
-Voted IOC Athelete of the Century.
-Voted FIFA Footballer of the Century.

Both sides of civil war in Africa stopped to watch him play.
Ronald Reagan:" My name is Ronald Reagan ,president of the United States of America, but you need no introduction, because everyone knows who Pele is!"
Received by Kings and Presidents all over the world.
First athlete featured in a videogame.
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Awesome talent for sure. This guy stood out not only with his talent but he also captivated people with his skill set. I started watching soccer because of Pele and have yet to see anyone come close to his talent level on the field. He reminds me of Bruce Lee with the ease that he played the game. It came natural to Pele as fighting did to Bruce Lee. Pure and smooth best describe this icon. Number 1 on my list.

This guy start playing in 1954 world cup(soccer) where is a real "world cup", he was 16 years old, coaches from other teams ask Brazilian coach why he had a kid in the team? Oh open wide mouth was the reaction for every body around the world when this kid start playing shooting with both legs, better than Maradona, Of course. The three best ever Ali, Pele, Jordan

The king of THE most popular sport on the planet, Football (Soccer, for those who don't know better). He was respected and admired by BILLIONS around the globe long before athletes such as Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky became superstars of their respective sports, and still is to this day. Pele should be #1 on this list, followed by Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Wayne Gretzky.

This writer must have been sniffing the glue... Go anywhere in the globe and find out who was the best.. And I mean the best. Both in talent and recolonization.. The man stopped wars to see him play. I don't think the one's ahead of him stopped anything other Ali... The only one who can be second to Pele would be... Not probable.. Be... Mohammad Ali

Michael Jordan number one. Are you kidding me! Pele would have run circles around him. Statistically the athletic talent pool in soccer is bigger than any other sport, there are no racial, social or height constraints as in the NBA. Plus Jordan holds no major NBA record. NFL players have low endurance and baseball players have a beer belly!

I'm old enough to have seen Pele and have seen later athletes such as Jordan and Sanders from the U.S. but have to give it to Pele since more people play it and places like Europe, Africa and South America don't play American sports. Not to sure an NBA player even Jordan could keep up with a league like the Premier!

Why does soccer only start at number 10? There should be a soccer player like pele at number 1. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. But I guess this is an American site, and that just goes to show how ignorant about soccer Americans really are.

tiger woods!? really!? he hasnt broke a sweat in his life! athletism is about being fit and perhaps pele is the best at that but having tiger woods in this list is an insult! btw MJ aint that athletic anyway a lot of people just like basketball - russian

He should be number one. Best soccer player in a sport 100 times more popular and more important. Jordan blew it by trying to play baseball. Most minor leaguers were better than him. Pele was a god surrounded by kings in the Brazilian national team.

Pele is my most favourite football player, his speed and skill is amazing and is just a legend. Pele actually met my step-mum in 1966 and played football with her! Brazil has amazing players over the years but Pele in my opinion is the best.

greatest player to grace the world of sports. well educated even when coming up as an unprivilged child. amazing on and off the field. he made any team he played for just that much better. pele el saviore

The greatest footballer to ever live and the most goals. He is no doubt the most amazing soccer player ever to live. Every other player looks up to him and things that they can't be as good as pele. They're right.

Possibly the greatest sports player ever scoring over 1000 competitive goals (which is the most of all time) and winning an astounding three world cups. He is the god of football/soccer and no one can deny that.

All-time topscorer he changed the way people look at football, he set the stage for the first time in the 1958 at the tender age of 17 and eventually turned into the best player in the world, helping santos achieve everything possible then he moved to cosmos to promote soccer in the USA he was a great player. Simply the best.

I agree with the position here at #6. The top should be by best in sport period, so hence Federer being considered (appreciated). I agree with Woods being high. Jack Nicklaus was and still is the best.

Football for life! There ain't any sport like it.. agree on it! If you dissent then you must die tonight by slipping in shower getting your head banged deeply on the floor! =)

Pele made history in soccer, he was the best soccer player of all time, with his record break of maybe thousands of goals. I'm sure all of you could agree that Pele should be number 1 on this list

Not only the greatest athlete of the century but the most freakishly skilled and innovative player of any team sport. Obviously an American survey here.

When you are the greatest player of the most popular and loved sport in the world, you are automatically beat everyone else.

he won THREE world cup titles with brazil in three different decades - only person ever to do so.

The list is very wrong I love Michael Jordan but pele is more and world wide known human being pele should be number one who ever 2nd is very lucky

The greatest athlete in the history of team sports in terms of physical athletic ability, endurance, speed, skill level and the most influential of the 20th century.

Soccer is the most famous sport in the world and it has always been. To be the best player in the most famous sport ever means you have to be #1

Pele is like Gretzky and Jordan. He became the icon that brought the sport he played in before the world. And like those two his skills are unmatched.