Wilt Chamberlain

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Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain was an American basketball player . He was born on August 21, 1936 in Philadelphia and died on October 12, 1999 in Los Angeles due to heart failure . ...read more.


Take the 5 best years of all these folks careers and then tell me Chamberlain wasn't the greatest ever. No one, no one ever dominated their sport like he did, with the possible exception of Ruth.

The ability to average over a complete game in minutes, to score 100 points, to average over 50 per game are enough to prove his basketball athleticism, but the man in general was a super strong goliath who could do just about anything.

Wilt was the most physically gifted man in any sport. He had raw jumping ability, speed, and strength. He dominated track and field, changed the landscape of the NBA, and became solid at volleyball. Fun fact: he also beat Jim Brown in a race two times in a row.

Nobody could score like him in his day. He scored 100 points in a game and once averaged 50.4 points a game for an entire season. The greatest combinations of rebounding and scoring the NBA has ever seen.

He has made a lot of records in his career but the best thing of all is that he had scored 100 points in 1 game and the leader of the 76ers his second best thing is that he gets (27.7) rebounds per game and we will remember him and his records and how good he was

Dominant on both ends for a huge career brought two teams to the top

Although I am a huge Kobe fan, I refuse to let Wilt Chamberlain not be in the top 5, much less 25. How many other 7 footers have you heard of that were one of the best high jumpers in the country. He was a dominant volleyball and basketball player, and he participated in many track and field events. In the NBA no one could guard him, because his athleticism mad him ungaurdible.

Only athlete to be MVP in the second most participated team sport - basketball - and third most participated team sport - volleyball - in the world and on pro level.

Wilt was also an Olympic quality high jumper in college and was known for freakish strength by everyone who knew him.

Wilt chamberlain has 75% of all nba all time records, he has crushed the game of basketball, you can say that he was before his time in basketball, that he hade nothing to compete against but that only shows what a genius he was, I mean he developed the game of basketball and has Made it better, if I nerver exicted I can promise you that the game of basketball would be different and worse

He is a amazing offensive player

Visualize LeBron James, but make him 6 inches taller, and considerably stronger.

Wilt is no doubt the best basketball player of all time. He simply dominated.

Wilt chamberlain is the most dominant player to play the game. Open a record book.

Broke records when he started in the NBA. Was an athlete, not just tall.

One of the strongest, fastest, most athletic men of all time. - hiphopgod

Best athlete in History, should be at the top. A Paul Bunyon figure, 7'1, could run the 100 yards in 10 flat, the 440 in 49 (no current NBA could achieve this feat), jumped high enough to touch the top of the backboard or higher, strong enough to bully Artis Gilmore as if he were a child...he also had a wide array of skills, fundamentals and finesse that could be likened to the big fundamental Tim Duncan, there is even film to prove all of this. There is no comparison to Wilt, if you were to make one you could say he was a combination of the length and height of Rudy Gobert, with the speed and leaping of Andrew Wiggins, strength to overpower Shaquille O'Neal (Robert Parish played against Artis Gilmore and Shaq and stated himself that he felt Gilmore was far stronger. Gilmore is quoted to have been "lifted off the ground like a coffee cup" by Wilt. Wilt could bench over 600lbs in his prime, Shaq could never hit above 450. On top of all this, Wilt had the stamina to average ...more

100 points in 1 game! You just can't beat that

The strongest in basketball history

Because he scored 100 points in a game

WHAT? #21? This guy benched 500 lb, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds and had a 40-inch verticle! Plus he humiliated Schwarzenegger and his friends in the gym!

Why isn't wilt chamberlain at #5 or higher he won more than ten championships in his basketball career and is the only one to ever score 100 pionts a game

While in college at KU, Wilt used to go run hurdles 'for fun' after basketball practice. This was the most gifted athlete of all time in my opinion.

Wilt was a very good T&F athlete and volleyball player and a beast in the weight room as well as his unbelievable basketball exploits.

He is just so great at rebounding and the lakers in a combination together to win and you need a team not just one person he had Elgin,west,Goodrich and all the other people on the team and he is a legend.