Top 10 Best Atlantis Characters

Do you love the bbc Atlantis show do you love the complexity and amazing characters well here is your chance to see other people's views of your favourite characters

The Top Ten

1 Hercules

Everyone loves the amazingly inventive take on Hercules. Hercules is portrayed as a fat ( occasionly drunk) woman loving brave man with no money. He also has the adorable love story with medusa and was so brave he was willing to die for her. So who wouldn't love him. - Blahblahbluh

2 Pasiphae

Pasiphae we all live a good ruthless villain from time to time And Pasiphae is the embodiment of pure evil. As well as being touched by the gods she also has a mysterious past we would love to learn about. - Blahblahbluh

3 Jason

Of course we all love Jason he's the main character the son of Pasiphae and the lover of princess Ariadne well queen Ariadne. With his sidekicks Hercules and Pythagoras nothing will stop Jason from protecting Atlantis and his loved ones. - Blahblahbluh

4 Pythagoras Pythagoras of Samos was an Ionian Greek philosopher, mathematician, and the putative founder of the movement called Pythagoreanism.

Pythagoras who could be deceived as a square but I think he would prefer triangle. With his wimpy form and great fighting why wouldn't you like Pythagoras. - Blahblahbluh

Pythagoras is the best

5 Ariadne

The beautiful queen of Atlantis a brave heroine capable of defending herself and putting her people before her love. - Blahblahbluh

6 Medusa

Medusa an unfortunately cursed lovely and kind soul who has an adorable affair with Hercules. - Blahblahbluh

7 Telemon

A new addition to the Atlantis family but a very interesting and complex one though only featured shortly we couldn't stop ourselves from wondering more about him. - Blahblahbluh

8 The Oracle

She can see almost anything by preying to the gods and giving the Atlantans hope and advice. - Blahblahbluh

9 Minos

A fair and wise ruler and the loving father of Ariadne - Blahblahbluh

10 Cyrus

Only seeing him for a short period of time before he was killed by "the bull" who's heart didn't melt when he sacrificed himself and stayed in the darkness of the underworld forever for Jason and Hercules. - Blahblahbluh

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