Most Atmospheric Football Stadiums

There are many great stadiums that football fans want to visit as they follow their club but which stadiums are the most intimidating and have the best atmosphere?

The Top Ten

1 Anfield Anfield Anfield is a football stadium in Anfield, Liverpool, England which has a seating capacity of 54,074 making it the sixth largest football stadium in England. It has been the home of Liverpool F.C. since their formation in 1892.

No stadium in Europe - besides Dortmund - can compete with Anfield when comparing overall atmosphere. It is like nothing I have ever experienced, and I have been to most other Premier League stadiums once or twice. The sense of camaraderie displayed when chanting YNWA still gives me goosebumps, despite me having sung it hundreds of times before.

Anfield in my opinion has the best atmosphere as the crowd is so vocal and there are loads of flags and its the loudest stadium I have been to! - 99sjohnson

Klopp for the kop.

2 Cardiff City Stadium

Cardiffs stadium is really good in terms of atmosphere the fans really get behind the team and the fans are loud - 99sjohnson

3 Ibrox

Ibrox is a great stadium the fans are really vocal and are great supporters and Ibrox is the best Scottish stadium by far! - 99sjohnson

4 Goodison Park

Goodison Park also has a great atmosphere - 99sjohnson

5 Carrow Road

Norwich Citys stadium is pretty cool it can get really loud there - 99sjohnson

6 Celtic Park Celtic Park Celtic Park is a football stadium in the Parkhead area of Glasgow, and is the home ground of Celtic Football Club.

Best atmosphere in British football!

Brilliant atmosphere.takes the hair on the back of my neck stand up every time.HH

7 White Hart Lane

White Hart Lane has a good atmosphere - 99sjohnson

8 Upton Park

Upton Park is a really good stadium for West Ham in my opinion there is a unique atmosphere there its quite cool actually the fans blow bubbles before and during every match! - 99sjohnson

9 Banks's Stadium

Walsall fc's Banks's stadium has a really good atmosphere the fans get right behind them and it can get quite loud there. - 99sjohnson

10 Notts County Ground

Notts County's Ground is great it has a sense of old fashioned tradition and the fans can be quite vocal. - 99sjohnson

The Contenders

11 Old Trafford Old Trafford Old Trafford is a football stadium in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, and the home of Manchester United. With a capacity of 74,994, it is the largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom, and the eleventh-largest in Europe.

It is one of the biggest stadiums in england and has the best atmosphere

12 Villa Park

Villa Park is a good stadium the atmosphere is amazing in the Holt however other parts of the stadium can make for a flatter atmosphere but on the whole its one of the best! - 99sjohnson

13 BC Place
14 Kanjuruhan Malang Indonesia

Aremania is names supporter club AREMA. When AREMA play, Stadium full, Aremania come and singing to support.

15 Selhurst Park

Palace fans loudest home and away

16 Edward Jones Dome

Good place to watch football

17 St James' Park

Man city's half empty stadium with 20,000 plastic fans is better than 50,000 Geordies signing their hearts out

18 Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Manchester City sing Blue Moon - LeeParty

19 Jalak Harupat Soreang Stadium
20 Raymond James Stadium
21 Kerala Blasters

One of the best football atmosphere in the world

22 Emirates Stadium Emirates Stadium

The best place to read a book!

23 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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