Most Atmospheric Metal Album Covers

Atmospheric cover - a cover having or producing an emotional atmosphere, creating a distinctive mood, typically of mystery, romance or nostalgia. Also covers with muted tones, softened or indistinct outlines (covers that look hazy).

Atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow or fog are often used to create this special feeling, especially a mysterious or romantic feeling. Also darkness, shadows, twilight, clouds.

In art, an atmospheric perspective, aka aerial perspective, is an effect used to create the illusion of depth (when far away objects take on the colors of atmospheric haze).

In metal there's no much room for romance so we are looking mainly for covers with sad, mysterious or nostalgic feelings. For example, kids and toys on a cover evoke nostalgic memories. Images of ancient or medieval times can also be nostalgic.

The Top Ten

1 Damnation - Opeth

Click on the images to zoom them - Metal_Treasure

2 Alice In Hell - Annihilator

Twilight, bedtime, the moon, clouds, toys, a mysterious silhouette at the door and a girl holding a candle - she can't fall asleep because she's afraid of the boogeyman...
This cover depicts the story from the song Alison Hell. - Metal_Treasure

3 In the Nightside Eclipse - Emperor
4 Wintersun - Wintersun
5 Somewhere Far Beyond - Blind Guardian

Mystery, twilight, nostalgia. - Metal_Treasure

6 Blackwater Park - Opeth
7 Spirit - Eluveitie
8 Under the Sign of Hell - Gorgoroth
9 Morningrise - Opeth
10 Demons & Wizards - Demons & Wizards

The cover depicts the story from the song Fiddler on the Green, where 2 kids die in a car accident. One of the saddest songs ever.
On this cover there are two cute kids sitting in a graveyard, and the mysterious Reaper is there, too... as well as the mysterious moon. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Hvis Lyset Tar Oss - Burzum
12 Slania - Eluveitie
13 Never, Neverland - Annihilator

Another very atmospheric album cover by Annihilator - Alice from the previous album is probably dead on this cover... A toy is next to her. The moon looks like a woman, probably her mother who ignored Alice's requests for help. Moon often symbolizes the mother (sun - the father).
Besides, dark colors, moonlight, water - all these elements are very atmospheric. - Metal_Treasure

14 Tonight's Decision - Katatonia
15 Images and Words - Dream Theater
16 The Return - Bathory
17 Dead Winter Dead - Savatage
18 Dark Medieval Times - Satyricon

Black metal essential. - IronSabbathPriest

19 Live - Blind Guardian
20 Mirror of Souls - Theocracy
21 Paradise Lost - Symphony X
22 Wishmaster - Nightwish
23 This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore
24 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian
25 Edge of Thorns - Savatage
26 Frozen in Time - Obituary

I see a frozen dragon on this cover - dragon's head, wings and tail, placed in a very atmospheric background. - Metal_Treasure

27 Abigail - King Diamond
28 Poets & Madmen - Savatage
29 Infinite - Stratovarius
30 Panzerfaust - Darkthrone
31 Awake - Dream Theater
32 Angels Fall First - Nightwish
33 Nightfall in Middle-Earth - Blind Guardian
34 Fiction - Dark Tranquillity
35 Colored Sands - Gorguts
36 Train of Thought - Dream Theater
37 No More Color - Coroner
38 Deliverance - Opeth
39 R.I.P. - Coroner
40 Obscura - Gorguts
41 The Gathering Wilderness - Primordial
42 Still Life - Opeth
43 The Odyssey - Symphony X
44 Once - Nightwish
45 Back to Times of Splendor - Disillusion
46 The Sound of Perseverance - Death
47 Unholy Cult - Immolation
48 Black Clouds & Silver Linings - Dream Theater
49 A Dramatic Turn of Events - Dream Theater
50 Ghost Reveries - Opeth
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1. In the Nightside Eclipse - Emperor
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