Top 10 Atrocious and Unnecessary Things for the Admin to Add On TheTopTens

Just hope the admin doesn't add these features plus adding would have been an insult to TheTopTens. You know how enthusiastic I was making this list, cheers!

The Top Ten

1 A random CAPTCHA that will appear for everything YOU DO

Please fill the captcha to waste your time, we don't regret anything... - FladevousEniker

2 Google+ support

Your account fate will be destined by Google+... Goodbye world! - FladevousEniker

3 More ads appearing on your screen than ever before
4 Annoying and cancerous background music played by the sensational Ukranian Nazi musical band
5 Every letter in caps and underlined

Plus you can't copy! How cool is that? - FladevousEniker

6 Policy 2.0 or the Admin Molotov Pact

A much heavier ban on harmless and unoffensive yet used as insult words and the restriction of freedom of speech! Yay more flow of kids! - FladevousEniker

7 A butt inspecting scanner when entering the website

Haha thank God they haven't added this! No one needs to see mine. Really! - Britgirl

Just to inspect you if you are worthy to join the church of TheTopTens - FladevousEniker

8 A "fill this with your phone numbers just to spy on you" step when signing up

Why should I give my phone numbers to possible greasy old mens?! - FladevousEniker

9 Cool yet cancerous brain sucking flash animations

Even better... A flash animation on the background - FladevousEniker

10 A "really really really stupid and edgy" comments filter

It just blocks "edgy" and those by really really anonymous visitors comments! How useless is that! Praise us! - FladevousEniker

I'd use the kriff outta this. - RiverClanRocks

The Contenders

11 Changing the name post to story

As someone who loves to write I'm just gonna say that a post is not a story. I'm talking about you Instagram and SnapChat (my friend told me that that's what posts on those websites are called). - Anonymousxcxc

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