Top Ten Attack Helicopters


The Top Ten

1 Ah64 Apache

Strongest in the world. Continues to be upgraded to a more stronger one. Powerful m320 cannon and hydra 70. Used by US army - The_notorious_jlb_98

2 Ah1z Viper

Upgraded king cobra used by the US Marines. Powerful minigun and hydra 70. In the making to be a bigger production - The_notorious_jlb_98

3 Ka50/ka52

Is a Russian helicopter with great speed. Powerful and big. - The_notorious_jlb_98

4 Mi28 Havoc

Another Russian desig. Grown to be a favorite - The_notorious_jlb_98

5 Mi 24 Hind

First helicopter design by Russia. Nicknamed the flying tank. Old but deadly and scary - The_notorious_jlb_98

6 Z10

Chinese design - The_notorious_jlb_98

7 A129

Italy and Turkey made helicopter - The_notorious_jlb_98

8 Eurocopter Tiger

Germany design - The_notorious_jlb_98

9 Rooivalk

Is a South African design - The_notorious_jlb_98

10 Ah1w Cobra

Was the former attack helicopter of the us. - The_notorious_jlb_98

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