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21 Isabel Magnolia

Isabel was a major, what I would call it, "Lego Piece" in Levi's past. I don't think that if Isabel was there, Levi would be "perfectly round" like he is right now.

I think she deserves more credit from the fans of Levi.

She is so cute and funny girl

She is really kawaii

When I see isabel,i think she really like eren.her eyes,her smile,her spirit,those all kinds are really like eren.And somehow I think that she was levi's first love.LOL,please don't bully me.I just tell the truth in my mind,and I think about petra ral.She likes levi a lot,kind of fans maybe? When I think who's the one he (levi) choose betweeen isabel and petra,i think he'll prefer isabel after all~

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22 Grisha Yeager

He knows how to walk away from everyone's lies

23 Colossal Titan


Come on PEEEPS

24 Carla Yeager

Thank you for taking Mikasa under your wing. You will be remembered Carla Yeager x - TwilightKitsune

Best mum

25 Nanaba

Seemed like a good leader. Wished she stayed a bit longer so we could have heard her back story.



26 Mina Carolina

So pretty, shouldn't have died so early on


27 Oluo

My personal favorite. One of the few characters that provides comedic relief in the anime and I love him for it.


28 Beast Titan

He is the only titan who can speak and he beat the Armored titan Easily

He is by far the cleverest person in attack n titans because he is the one that planned the final battle in the manga. He is the strongest titan shifter alive because he easily beat the armoured titan. It is also proved he is as clever as Hange. Plus he can control titan that have been injected whith his serem.

29 Kenny Ackerman
30 Kuchel Ackerman

Kuchel gave birth to Levi and took care of him. I know Levi has a special place in his heart for Kuchel. Levi loves Kuchel more then anything

I love Kuchel she kept Levi despite him being an accident and was always a caring mother for him

Kuchel needs more love! I mean she did take care of Levi, after all

I love Kuchel!

31 Nile Dok
32 Rico Brzenska

She was always level-headed. When she thought a plan would fail, she expressed her opinion clearly. When orders from above came and told her to do something she thought was risky, she still followed them Rico was an intelligent and loyal person from Attack on Titan

She's such a badass and so underrated

SHe is so cool!

33 Smiling Titan

(Manga Spoiler Warning) I was gonna vote for Bertl but then I saw this. Why did the manga have to do this to me? Dina's story is so tragic. She wasn't really fleshed out as a character but she never really did anything wrong! And she clearly loved Grisha very much, and I have to say that even with her little screen (or would it be page) time I like her better than Carla. Can't wait for Season 3. And Season 4. Probably Season 4 more than 3.


Whats this even doing on the list he belongs on "most hated aot character! "
mr aot's tigerclaw!

34 Eld Jinn

He was an awesome character and I can definitely see why levi picked him for the first special operations squad

I honestly wish Gunther and Eld got more screentime. We never learned much about them. However, for now, we have this: I'm not gay, but Eld is damn sexy.

35 Keith Shadis

I kind of admire him, but not as much as Erwin Smith. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

36 Ian Dietrich

Such an underrated character, reminds me a lot of Jean and Erwin actually... Also his death was probably outshone my Marco's as they were in the same episode and I think people would have noticed Marco's more :-(

37 Titan Eren V 1 Comment
38 Franz Kefka V 1 Comment
39 Rod Reiss

For all you people who only watch anime, let me tell you vote the Great King Titan

40 The Armored Titan

I love him, human or Titan. I hope we get to see more of him. There's still so much work that can be done with this character.

He's a titan that's strong but he's stupid

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