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List of your favorite pairings in the popular series Shingeki No Kyojin, AKA Attack on Titan

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1 Eren x Levi

Um yes pleaseee! These two are my life. Sure Levi beat him in court but it was to save his butt. And when Levi saved Eren, yes. If that was anyone else he probably wouldn't have gone back. And you may be thinking "ya because eren is valuable." Ik he is but I have a gut feeling that's not the only reason. And people are probably saying that levi doesn't have feelings. He just wears a mask, every mask has something beneath it. And Levi is the most feeling character with the worst past in the show. He had two friends and they died right in front of him. He lost his parents and he lost his team.

Okay, this is an amazing ship. Ik that there is a lot of hate but I still love it. It isn't pedophilia, though. Eren is an adult in my book. I mean, he is in the military and holds the weight of the human race on his shoulders without cracking. This is not something a "child" could do. Also the age gap really isn't a problem. They are only around 15 years apart and I have seen relationships in fictional stories that have been a lot larger, sometimes even the span of a few thousand years and yet no one complains about those!

I know that compared to this ship, Mikasa x Eren will have the most percentage of happening/being canon but just because it has the possibilities of happening doesn't mean we can't ship them. This is an Amazing Ship, I believe that Eren and Levi's relationship will get stronger as time pass by.
Let's be honest here, Eren admired the Survey Corps/Scout Regiment/Scouting Legion/Recon Corps (Yes, Survey Corps has 3 other names) and we know that People knew the Survey Corps' Humanities Strongest Soldier. Eren admired Levi when he was a little kid, and now that his under the custody of Levi, That is where I believe their bonds (as I call relationship) will get stronger now that Eren has a chance to get to know more of his idol and Levi taking care (by "taking care" I mean guarding and protecting him.) of Eren. There is a possibility that with their bonds strengthened, Maybe it will come to the point of Levi trusting Eren and telling him his past. I believe that they will not be lovers ...more

Its just... Badass plus angry German equals super cute land of OTP

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2 Mikasa x Eren

I love Eren's way to love and consider Mikasa. Indeed, he does not have romantic feelings for Mikasa, as the fans had been so desperate, but he had a deep feeling for her. Perhaps, he didn't look at Mikasa like a lover or a wife, but more like a mother. Indeed, this makes the fans a bit annoyed, but I prefer them like this. Eren sometimes gets rude and scolds Mikasa for being so overprotective and always follows him wherever, whatever happens, and treats him like a baby, but I'm sure, Eren is very loves and cares with her and never hates her for all that. He may want to someday want to repay all the love and sacrifice that Mikasa gave him, but in a way like a son thanks to the love his mother gave him. Meanwhile, Mikasa has saved by Eren when she was kidnapped, and welcome her for join Jaeger's family, and since then, she has seen it as a 'home' and the important person she has to protect. Carla, Eren's mom, entrusts her to take care of Eren. And ever since Carla died, she acted as a ...more - nyaanya0910

I think Levi x Eren is really stupid. The two show not one sign of being gay throughout the whole entire series. The two childhood friends/family (Mikasa and Eren) I think have the highest chance of ending up together later on in the series. From the scene when they were younger when Eren wraps his red scarf around young Mikasa they appear to be blushing as Mikasa comments how warm it is. Later when Eren recovers from the beating while he was tied to a pole at court in season two, Mikasa is shown waiting by Erens side holding the red scarf that was given to her way back when. Not to mention Mikasa repeatedly says "Eren" through out the series almost how Sakura Haruno does to Sasuke Uchiha. In the last episode of season two, Scream, it shows how Mikasa slowly confesses her feeling toward Eren while moving closer to his face. But we still don't know where the ship is going to go due to the fact we don't know exactly how Eren feels about is adopted sister.

To be honest this ship is the best. They both obviously care for each other, even though Eren might not show it. DID YOU SEE HIS FACE WHEN THEY SAID THAT HE TRIED TO KILL MIKASA IN HIS TITAN FORM?! And Mikasa obviously loves him, they already made 2 remarks in the show lol. And with the Eren x Levi ship, not gonna happen. I don't know why, but I personally despise this ship. I even cringe every time I see the fanart, not because its pedophilia, but just I feel like people only ship it because it's hot.

My otp
Also ereri is pedophilia so yeah fight me
Also eremika is not incest because they aren’t related by blood - Justaloli

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3 Jean x Marco

The guide book says Imaginary Interview, title: Marco x Jean. "Any person's type you are, my bond with you won't change". It's canon. They have the special connection.

I chose this ship because it actually mean something. It shows it in the anime too, when Marco died all Jean's heart and mind was set on is Marco. He is th only reason Jean chose the survey corps. And the ship is just absolutly precious. Its nice and its like a cute warm-hearted relationship between these two loving best friends.

When Jean decided to join the scout troop after Marco's death, my heart really hurt.

This ship isn’t just for girls who drool over yaoi (I’m talking to you Erei shippers! ) it’s meaningful and sweet. A lot of attack on Titan pairings don’t really have the sort of feel that this one does. Jean and Marco had a speacil bond, even after Marco died. Marco completely changed the plot of the show. Think about it, without him Jean wouldn’t have joined the Survey Corps. If they weren’t together, Jean would be another Military Police dog. So, in a way, Marco saved Jean’s life.

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4 Levi x Hanji

Hanji and Levi is totally my OTP because they are just so compatible. The have the same values and make the same type of weird humor. They've made a special bond with each other over their years together and have developed a strong connection with each other.

- Ever notice that Levi only has a nickname for her? "bad glasses" or "Four eyes". Sure he calls people names but his nicknames for her are consistent. They are often teasing each other and making weird jokes.

- He knows that she's very unhygienic and even still we see that hair grab in episode 9. When have we ever seen Levi get touchy-touchy with anyone, besides when he's killing them or comforting them at their time of death? So that hair grab was a big hint.

- Hanji understands him so well that she often finishes off his sentences as can be seen in the manga

- I love their height difference, it's so cute.

- Isayama doesn't want romance in his manga, however he does give ...more

The relationship between them has grown so much during the years of working together. I feel like they have a strong bond of trust. Their differences are what make them amazing too. They fight, tease each other, and work together so much, they are pretty much bros. Romance or not, they are the best pairing in my opinion.

I think this ship is the most realistic ship in Snk. Levi acts really different when it comes to Hange and Isayama said that Levi is clumsy/awkward in love and when I think about it I see this all jokes he makes to Hanji and hair grab scene. Also look in chapter 90 when he is looking at Her not at the ocean. And his face when Hanji was injured, or face when he learned that she is alive. I know this maybe look as friendship but this show is not about love and in world of soldiers from snk they don't think about love, love comes for them after friendship because they meet others not to find love but make friends and Then they fall in love. Also I want to say that Levi can't express himself and do you think that when he would has someone he would act different? No. He is not that type. If we talk about Hanji she said that she doesn't know a person who can deal with her. So she doesn't act romantic because she doesn't believe that someone would want her. So please if you hate this ship ...more - Sarah3

They have a special bond. I hope it will be canon.

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5 Levi x Petra

My opinion, I hate it. No chemistry at all. And that ONE SCENE FROM THE ANIME doesn't count. Fangirls didn't get the point of that scene. The point wasn't to show that Levi cared about his "true love", the point was to show the hurt of EVERYONE in the Survey Corps and the emotions of EVERYONE and the effects on EVERYONE. Levi cared about everyone else too, they focused on others equally. Don't think just cause a boy cares about a girl's death doesn't mean they were ROMANTICALLY in love. There are many people in this world who has actually had a time like that and can prove this point. Bestfriends care about each other just like a romantic couple will. This is just my opinion. I don't care what you ship.You guys can headcanon what you want, you are allowed to ship whoever you want and think of this scene however you want, but don't shove this scene in our faces and expect that everyone will think this is right. Now that I have my point across, Ship let ship, and goodnight people.

This is simply a relationship of respect and trust. The scene with Petra's father and Levi showed that her father wanted Levi to know that she respected him very much and that he was worried if she was willing to put her life on the line. Obviously he meant that she is missing out a lot like marriage and also that she is very young still. That scene where he stole a badge, who knows for sure if it was HER hand over there because her entire squad had that same bitten mark! And also why Levi looked at Petra's corpse the longest was because hers had the most brutal positioning other than the others and also because hers was the last of Levi 's squad members dead bodies in order. I don't mean to offend but I love them as soldiers with respect for each other. Nothing else

Not trying to offend, but I'm not a big fan of this one. I'm sure they were great friends though. We didn't see much in between them, so my brain couldn't work out how they could possibly become a couple. But, Ship, Let Ship.

I respect other people's ship but this is my OTP. They look cute together too ^3^.

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6 Ymir x Krista

But they're basically canon anyway ; )

I actually think this may be my favorite ship. It's just so CUTE!

Well I don't really like it but I would agree to this one before Levi x Eren.

There’s actually cannon - Justaloli

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7 Erwin x Levi

Can't you see their chemistry? And their trust in each other? And their personalities suit each other so badly

Read the manga of you don't like this ship. Even the author ships it!

I like this ship! I think that their trust in each other and their history together just makes it a good ship. I'm torn between making this a ship and just a brotp.

The height difference though

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8 Armin x Eren

Their dynamic and loyalty to each other is fantastic. It's rare that you see two very different people get along like this, but they care so much about each other that they can easily put aside their differences. And that'she a very important quality to have in a relationship. Plus, being in the military would probably turn them away from any kind of romance anyway. Seeing that they're growing teens, they'really eventually going to become curious. Seeing that they've known each other from a time where they weren't in the military, I see their relationship more likely to form AND last than others.

Honestly, why isn't this ship number one? It's basically canon.

This is my OTP! They are great friends and are both so adorable! I'm so surprised this isn't a more popular ship because they have so many moments.

I'm not sure why this pairing isn't popular. Isn't it almost canon? Everyone love Ereri or Eremika, but no one cares about Eremin. The true is that in the manga Eren and Armin have A LOT of cute moments.
It is almost obvious that Armin has feelings to Eren and Eren deeply cares about Armin. In the Shiganshina arc Eren strongly hugged him what made Armin blush. I may say that they are most important people to each other.

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9 Sasha x Connie

In episode 4 there's a scene where connie and sasha practice their titan fighting while fooling around with it, it's super cute and funny x3

The only ship that has NO haters...

These two bring the comic relief to the show and would be perfect for each other!

Yass please

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10 Reiner x Bertholdt

Not to spoil anything for the manganese but Reiner basically emitted that he's gay and he obviously cares more about Bert then about his own life so they're half cannon? Anyways, I ship it

I think this one would be good because they are both titan shifters but share a special relationship

I wanna say it's my second favourite ship in SnK. It's like asking someone what their favourite anime is, you can't choose just one. - Kakabane


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11 Eren Jaeger x Annie Leonhardt

I think they would make a perfect couple because if you seen season 2 Annie and eren have a lot in common

Annie, to me is one of the few girls who have much interaction with Eren, even their closeness is almost identical to Eren's closeness to Mikasa. Indeed, it has been confirmed that Eren has only a deep sense of respect for her, as well as her proximity to Mikasa who is like a mother and son. Remember, Eren was one of those people who had an interest in martial arts Annie, and asked her to teach her, also one of the few who made her smile. In fact, the person whom Eren thinks of mother (Mikasa), seems to believe them, even once asked Annie where he was (at the time of Battle of Trost arc). When Eren knows that Annie is a female Titan suspect, he can not even afford to transform, he even feels shaken, and, he can not even hate her, unlike when he knows that Reiner and Bertholdt are also traitors like Annie, even those who are close and he thinks mother (Mikasa) asks if he has any special feelings for her, and Eren has never answered her question until now. However, when he fights with ...more - nyaanya0910

Come on Manga readers, I don't ship it, but soon, the next chapter will come out. Let's just pray we will get more news from Annie after chapter 86.

Tragic backstory plus tragic backstory = perfection. More solid evidence includes the way Eren pays attention to her, like when he picked up that sweet hook move from Annie and used it on Jean. Also, it adds more drama. Furthermore, this is what I got from the anime, and i’m reading the manga now (thank you kissmanga). I heard the manga has even more support.

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12 Mikasa x Sasha

Just watch the anime and read the manga and pay attention to Mikasa and Sasha whenever they are together.

I don't really see romance between them, but to be fair, they are so funny when together! I see them as huge besties though.



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13 Levi x Zoë

Um, there is already a Levi x Hanji?

Levi's been busy... - Kakabane

You are making Levihan shippers mad bro


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14 Mikasa x Levi

They work really well together and this relationship has a chance to go through one of those beautiful hate to love transitions. It's not incest either which is a big bonus as in the guidebook it said that they could only be 3rd cousins at the closest. Third cousins isn't considered related. And if you look in the manga and guidebook, it's obvious that Levi does care for her. Mikasa's imitation of Levi's combat techniques is cute too. I don't know, I just think this relationship could work really well.

I don't really like this ship. I know, they are both badass and stuff, but I love relationships where they are totally different, you know?

I never really understood polar opposites like Eren x Levi. Mikasa and Levi work well in combat and can agree on most things. They would be an amazing couple.

Mikasa and Levi really make a great chemistry. Being humanity's strongest, they really made a perfect couple. They have a lot of similarities and are very cool so I ship them so much. Thanks to Elvendashears who makes stories about this two in their story "That Girl". I'm not a fan of yaoi(Levi x Eren) and for me pairing Mikasa and Eren is not so romantic because everyone knows that Eren only treats Mikasa as a sister. Levimika is a really great ship and somehow gives me chills whenever I see fanarts, comics, and short stories about them. They work reallyy well together. And can make a hot, cold, cute, funny and romantic relationship. I hope Levimika fandom increases :))

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15 Mikasa x Jean

"This is a very good pairing and I think they should become a couple at the end of manga. Eren mikasa doesn't work because mikasa treats eren like a little brother. Caring, protecting and loving her brother. On the other hand Jean's feeling of jealous (towards eren), admiration, protecting, supporting her makes him a good partner"

I think Jean and Mikasa should become a couple. Jean loves Mikasa and he will always be there to protect her. On the other hand eren should end up with krista. Eren loves mikasa and he sees her more as an annoying elder sister and a protective mother. I am not opposed to eren ending up with mikasa but I am sure Eren will not agree to it. Eren should end up with Krista. This is an excellent pairing. (Eren as the body and krista as the blood). (Sorry for my english).

I think, she's better with Jean. Because, Jean will be something new and different, giving new colors and hope, which is certainly different from what she has been getting from Eren. She and Eren are impossible to be a couple, because of Isayama's confirmation, and... all the while I've seen Mikasa treating Eren like she is his mother, and Eren also considers her as a mother.Caring, loving, and protective (though Eren sometimes gets annoyed that Mikasa is a bit protective of him). In other hand, Jean is jealous because Eren's closeness with Mikasa. I think, he deserves Mikasa. And I'm sure he'll be a good lover to Mikasa,and, he'll love her the way Eren loves her, but with different ways and levels. - nyaanya0910

I ship it so hard because jean loves mikasa so much and he would protect her and keep her safe,it was so brave of him for saving her in season 2, also mikasa cares about him, if you read the manga in chapter 58 she screamed his name and tried to save him the after few chapters she was taking care of his wound's,also mikasa deserve a man who cares about a man who loves her a man who will make her happy,it will be jean,mikasa and jean are perfect for each other, jeankasa forever.

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16 Petra x Oluo

I prefer this one WAY more than Petra x Levi. You can see much more going on between them, and it's much more possible to me. Petra would of course notice the amount of effort Oluo is putting in for her.

It's canon sorry Levi x Petra shippers...

They got each other in heaven don't they? This ship makes me feel sad and gets to the feels - ImABanana

It's been confirmed by Isayama already.
I love the way Petra teases Oluo and how close they are. - AlestAL357

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17 Armin x Annie

In OVA 2, when Armin was talking about how weak he was after Jean asked him to go steal meat, you can pause and see that Annie had a great expression and was deeply sad for him. Being partners in training probably had them grow a great caring for each other.

I love it how Annie has a soft spot for him! Plus, Armin was basically the only one who nice to her. For me, this is the CUTEST ship ever.

YES YES YES. Armin was the only one Annie was really nice to. Plus, in the OVA, they were partners in training (with Jean). "Hate this ship. annie is abusive and would abuse him." Annie wouldn't be abusive to Armin! Have you seen any of the scenes with Armin and Annie? "I love how Annie has a soft spot for him! " YES. Annie DOES have a soft spot for him!


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18 Levi x Windex

Guys, this ship is cannon. Windex is the only one who can make Levi truly happy.

Come on guys.. This is like the #1 ship of the whole fandom.

It's so beautiful it makes me cry.

Levi and Windex are so hot together. Best ship since Drapple (Draco Malfoy x Apple) - AlestAL357

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19 Mikasa x Annie

One of the best duo in the world!

It's cute and I think their made for each other



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20 Jean x Armin

I still like Jean and Marco but, he's sort of dead. And I think Armin could be the kind of person to help Jean through that kind of problem.

They are both really kind to each other and became very close in such a short amount of time. Armin protected Jean from the titan despite the fact that he was terrified. Jean comforted Armin after some man got weird with him and made him feel uncomfortable. They weren't very close in the beginning but they've bonded and become friends. They protect and believe in each other.

These two are great in working each other. They are both a natural leader with different style


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