Levi x Hanji


I love it how they always work together! They are basically the parents of the 104th based on how they take care of them a lot in the latest chapters.

I love this two so much! They are perfect for each other.. Not to mention there are so many clues that involved with these two cutiepiess

Levi and Hanji are probably going to have a relationship. Hajime even said that he liked this ship a lot and has been dropping hints about their romance in the manga and anime. He also said that Levi's type was someone taller than him, and Hanji is, and that Levi is not gay; so that rules out all of his gay ships. Hanji was his first friend at the Survey corps and they are so close. They only call each other pretty mean nicknames like "Four Eyes" and "Shorty" and they call no one else by nicknames. Levi is a clean freak and hates how gross Hanji can be but is still willing to grab her hair and also forcefully bathe her. Levi never touches anyone because he thinks they're all filthy, and Hanji can be super disgusting but he stills touches her. When Hanji revealed she used to have a crush on someone in the Survey Corps, Levi looked so jealous;) Also, Levi is a Capricorn and Hanji is a Virgo, a pair that are supposedly meant for each other. I don't think this is a coincidence considering ...more - LemonCat

Have you read the manga? In battle, they work so good together, since they have been working together for years, they rely on each other, and they trust each other. It's amazing how two very different can turn out like this.

Levihan haters are just so dumb. "They are totally different people! " What Manga are you even reading?

I love them so much! At first when I was watching the show, I was a little disappointed that they included the hair grab scene because I thought they were gonna kiss like one of those high school manga. But they didn't! Then I learned that romance are not focused in this show. So immediately, I knew there were something going on! Levihan all the way to the sea!

These two are perfect together. They've been through so much together, and much better than Levi x Petra

Levi x Hanji is my OTP! To be honest, it makes more sense than Levi x Petra or Levi x Eren. These two have so much development in their relationship, that they're so perfect together!

HELL YES I love this Ship so much it's Like they're made to be together And the hints are so obvious it would be awesome if they get something at the end

Levi x Hanji will forever love this ship because they make a great couple.

I love this ship so much! There's so many little hints that show how much they would work together. And as much as I love seeing yaoi fan art of Levi and Eren I would much rather Levi and Hanji become canon in the show cause they work way better for so many reasons. It would just be so cute!

There relationship is so special and they have the closest bond together.

I really like the comfortable relationship between them, how they aren't bothered entirely by each others abnormalities and are accepting of eachother, it's a good healthy relationship founded on trust, respect, personal interest, just very heart warming. Side note: the fanfics/art are really good!

He is rationality and she is irrationality. The most important thing for Levi - cleanliness, and the main feature of Hanji is sloppiness.Plus, this cute height difference(Levi:160 сm; Hanji:170 cm). Complete opposites, isn't it? But this makes their relationship special and I like them because of it.

They are so cute together, even though he might not show it, Levi really cares about hange

They have a special bond. I hope it will be canon.

They are my OTP for life. Opposites attract -but if you look at it, they aren't this opposite at all. They are one of the most canons ships in SnK. They work together, they are a great team, Levi once says "we" for the two of them ; in the anime, he graps her hair even though it's dirty ; they even have their own secret way of knocking!
I ship them so hard, they are the best and they are so cute together.

I mean there are hints EVERYWHERE! Manga,check! Junior high, check! OVA's, check! Also the "hair grab" scene between them in episode 9 was a extra scene that Isayama improved. Last let's not forget that it's an anime about human-eating titans so I don't think that any ship is going to have more that just some moments which Levihan has a lot

They have always been by eachother and seem to care for eachother a lot.

I wish I can make a paragraph using all of y'all's comments, but YES I love the fact that their relationship has grown a lot from the time they met each other(ACWNR). It just leave thinking about all the momentsthey had with each other. My heart can't take.

Levi and Hanji are perfect together. He truly cares about her and the author revealed that after so many years being in the Scouts, they developed an unbreakable blond :3.

Dude I totally agree, Eren X Levi is just discusting. Levi X Hanji is so my OTP. And they are the same age.

Let me just say this one is perfect! Hanji would be tackling Levi daily then Levi would shove her off, sound about right? Maybe Levi would get in the mood every once in a while and that's Hanji's chance!

Plus they are close in age unlike Eren and Levi, Levi is 34 and Eren is 15.. HANJI X LEVI!

From the first scene with those two you can see their chemistry.The manga has moments between them, the anime has moments between them, the Junior High has them in almost every scene together being cute (Levi being a tsundere and Hanji being the weird deredere).
Do I need to go on?!