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21 Bertholdt x Annie

I am honestly in a Titan sized pickle I don't no who I ship more Armin x Annie or bertholdt x Annie I love both so much!

WELL don't WORRY. Soon in chapter 84, Bert will die and Armin will become a titan shifter and FINALLY we can have Annie and Armin instead.

To be honest I am a Armin x Annie shipper, but I did have a split second of love thoughts between Bertholdt and Annie, but there are way more clues of Armin x Annie.

It's canon because Bert likes Annie…

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22 Eren x Historia

After what transpired in the Uprising Arc, between things like Eren and Historia's first heart-to-heart talk (where the first person she opens up to is Eren after she feels abandoned by Ymir and loses her Krista Lenz facade, and Eren says he prefers her real self), their tragic time together in the cave (where Eren even breaks down like never before and finally gives up, and Historia becomes stronger than ever and also becomes a major help in pulling Eren out of that hell hole and putting him back together), and Eren getting Historia to blush and smile with a compliment (plus her comical mad reaction and blushing harder in response to him teasing her right after), this seems to be a rather underrated ship at least from my experience, and in my honest opinion, it's even comparable to Eren x Mikasa in terms of logic and likelihood to become endgame. In fact, even though I do still like Eren x Mikasa too, I, personally, actually like Eren x Historia just a bit more at this point.

They aren't popular because season 2 hasn't come out yet... It cracks me up whenever there are people who didn't read the manga see Historia's name on here and are so confused.

Lets wait for the anime watchers who don't read the manga see season 2, and THEN more shippers will come


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23 Sasha x Potato

Must be canon

I was going to try and add this but I see my Potato Family has already been here

Her true love

The only true ship

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24 Jean x Eren

I can feel the sexual tension. Like the love/hate relationship kind of stuff.

You are totally correct, I would think they care a lot for each other, but the more I think about it, the more I see them as bros. So, this is more of my Brotp.

Yes yes yes yes!

Every characters who have fights always end up together ^o^

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25 Annie x Mikasa

I love this pair. Like I cannot.

Its cool I guess

I love this one

They understand each other so well and their rivalry is so cute! Especially their moment in the Lost Girls manga volume 3 is adorable because Mikasa really understands and Annie and especially their AO3 fanfics are amazing!

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26 Reiner x Krista

I am sorry, but Reiner never saw the REAL Historia. Manga readers, you know what I mean. What Reiner is in love with is a small pathetic girl, but then the whole character growth thing happened and now Historia is some badass queen who saved everyone. Let's wait until Reiner sees who Historia REALLY is, then I'll listen to you shippers.

If one more person here hates on Reiner, I will cut them - ImABanana

"If ymir dies" but I don't think this bastard deserves our strong queen.


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27 Levi x Historia

Have no idea what the hell this ship even is, but I loved it when Historia owned him TWICE. Look at our blondie grow!

I see them too much as Father and Daughter I can't contain the cuteness Levi, Hanji, adopt her, hell, adopt the whole squad!

What makes it even better is that the people who don't read the manga are so confused.

I wouldn't say this is the best ship, but I think they're cute

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28 Reiner x Eren

"And touched his shoulders." Let's all just stop with this and do something else please.

Please don't.

Reiner helped Eren with his training.

Reiner talked to Eren and touched his shoulders.

29 Levi x Annie

Oh sure yes of course why not this is best best ship here must be better than ereri yes please vote vote this please its obvious they like each other come on guys its love true love do it people

Yup best ship ever 10/10 never seen anything better no joke no lie - yumyumaub0909

Best so much chemistry yes best ever wo

30 Hanji x Eren
31 Nozomi x Eli
32 Annie x Reiner

One more person hates on Reiner here, whether you like the ship or not will be cut - ImABanana

Um Armin is a MUCH better blonde than Reiner come on guys.

Armin is totally a better blonde!

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33 Armin x Krista

They look like twins - ImABanana

Don't forget the OTEHR blonde, you know the one in the crystal crying out for Armin's name.

Blondies unite


34 Armin x Erwin

I can totally see why! But they are so similar, I keep seeing them as Father and Son

People will judge this ship... I don't care

Can we not put a 15 year old and a forty year old together? thank you.

35 Mike x Nanaba

I'm totally headcanoning on this one, but out of the Veterans, we see so much of Hanji and Levi and then Erwin with them too, that Mike and Nanaba's attention is no where to be found. They would end up lonely together, and of course a bond would be made.

This pairing needs more attention...

Someone make an OVA about theses two going on a double date with Levi and Hanji please its all I think about.

36 Armin x Christa

They haven't really had much interactions but they're similar in the way that they are both short and sweet and blonde. They are the little cinnamon rolls in this show to be honest

37 Bertholdt x Ymir

I only ship this because I have this headcanon where Historia falls in love with some government person and Hanji and Levi go all like "NOPE" (like those dorky parents they are) and it turns into a whole romeo and Juliet thing, and if I continue this, it'll turn into a whole lot shipping of other characters, sorry I had to let this out.

Bertolt was the one who carried Ymir when they escaped. When Reiner was being bitten by the Titan I though Ymir was the one who kicked the Titan off. But Bertolt did too. I'm not saying they're the best couple but they did have some moments. Plus Annie should go with Armin.


38 Connie Springer x Annie Leonhart

I don't even know why someone put this here

? I mean, 2 inch difference but...

39 Hanji x Annie

Sometimes we just have weird dreams...

You do know hanj wanted to kill annie

We r high on tumblr wut u want

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40 Hanji x Petra

... I'm guessing this was made during a Levi x Hanji and Levi x Petra ship war. Probably just really good friends in my opinion. In the first OVA you could see that Hanji and Squad Levi worked together a lot so ya

Haha Levi Hanji petra love triangle then suddenly the two girl just decide they don't want levi

Yes yes yes new otp yes the best one here must be better than ereri its canon now already canon yes

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