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41 Hanji x Annie

Sometimes we just have weird dreams...

You do know hanj wanted to kill annie

We r high on tumblr wut u want

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42 Hanji x Petra

... I'm guessing this was made during a Levi x Hanji and Levi x Petra ship war. Probably just really good friends in my opinion. In the first OVA you could see that Hanji and Squad Levi worked together a lot so ya

Haha Levi Hanji petra love triangle then suddenly the two girl just decide they don't want levi

Yes yes yes new otp yes the best one here must be better than ereri its canon now already canon yes

43 Mikasa x Armin

I ship it okay? I don't like any ship with Levi except Levi x Mop, I and just like this pairing way more than others!

A wild ereri shipper appears

I love this rare-pair :( it's so cute and it's precious and ah - yumyumaub0909

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44 Kuchel x Levi

What the actual... very funny guys - yumyumaub0909

Seriously? - irismatidia

45 Sasha x Armin

what why - yumyumaub0909

Armin: "I have a strategy to get past the titans and retrieve the potatoes,"
Sasha: "Marry me please,"

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