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41 Eren x Connie

Bros, no question, but I need WAY more moments of them to make me consider them a couple. BROTP

42 Mikasa x Armin

I ship it okay? I don't like any ship with Levi except Levi x Mop, I and just like this pairing way more than others!

A wild ereri shipper appears

I love this rare-pair :( it's so cute and it's precious and ah - yumyumaub0909

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43 Kuchel x Levi

What the actual... very funny guys - yumyumaub0909

Seriously? - irismatidia

44 Sasha x Armin

what why - yumyumaub0909

Armin: "I have a strategy to get past the titans and retrieve the potatoes,"
Sasha: "Marry me please,"

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3. Armin x Eren
1. Mikasa x Eren
2. Jean x Marco
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1. Mikasa x Eren
2. Ymir x Krista
3. Sasha x Potato

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