Top Ten Best Attack On Titan Titans


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1 Colossal Titan

Did you know that the newest version of Godzilla is twice the size of the Collassal titan?

Huge, Astonishing and Aesomwe! - abhishah901


2 Female Titan

She's so awesome, I can't even begin to praise! - NerdyPweeps

3 Armored Titan
4 Rogue Titan

He is definitely the hottest Titan in the world

Somehow, I just wish I had such a fit body like him. He's like, "Bro, I'm so ripped.".

Best Titan out of all, I mean just look at him.


5 Dancing Titan

Welcome back to another episode of Dancing with the Titans! Just make sure you don't get eaten! :3 - NerdyPweeps

This one is so funny, yet so terrifying at the same time.

Dancing with the titans, that's genius.

6 Beast Titan
7 Smiling Titan
8 Sauny

Although I thought their names were spelt Sawney and Beane but I'm probably mistaken

9 Eren Yeager Titan

I dig Eren's Titan form. It's so cool and he is slowly gaining more control over it.

He probably has my favorite design though.

No, titans are intimidating and ruthless.

This titan is SO HOT Sizzle sizzle

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10 Bean

The Contenders

11 15 Meter Class
12 Rod Reiss Titan

The Colossal Titan's height has been broken thanks to Rod Reiss.

13 Ao Oni Titan

There's an Ao Oni Titan?

14 Crawler Titan
15 Leaping Titan
16 Ymir Titan
17 Reiner Titan
18 Wall Titan
19 Founding Titan
20 War Hammer Titan

I think it's really interesting

21 Abnormal
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