Best Attractions at Disneys Blizzard Beach

The Top Ten

1 Slush Gusher

Another fun body slide with 3 drops on it. It's about 90 ft tall. It is smooth and tickles your Stomach every time there's a drop.

I loved it! This slide felt like forever and the drops were incredible! Anyone who goes to BB should definitely go on this slid!

2 Summit Plummet

A 120 ft body slide straight down so fun! This is my favorite waterslide I've rode my whole life. You can see different parks of Disney down below in the stairs.

3 Downhill Double Dipper

I haven't rode this one because when I was there the line was too long but I have rode many slides simalar to this and I do like those kind of slides.

4 Runoff Rapids

A open sides of closed side to choose from in line. This is a nice fun movement slide through the sludgy water down into the pool.

5 Toboggan Racers

A fun mat slide racing down the slides it's so cool looking while going down. This slide is quite a bit high but not that scary. I like it because it doesn't hurt me like other tabaggan slides do.

6 Snow Stormers

The Snow Stormers is a racing twisting slide around the fake mountain. It looks dangerous but is a relaxing fun and speeding Matt slide.

7 Kiddy Water Zip Line

This looks small and kiddy but awesome just jumping off a zip line in the water fun.

8 Teamboat Springs

I haven't been on this one before but I have been on slides much like this wich are very fun especially with a group of people.

9 Lazy River Ride

Just relax and enjoy floating in the river going around the park and check out bikinis hot girls when your a teenager guy.

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