Top Ten Best Attractions in Tokyo

In no particular order. These are something that may not be on the other top to do lists, but are great fun!

The Top Ten

1 Zojoji Temple / Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is one of the most iconic scenes from Tokyo. The Temple below it is also amazing in size.

2 Ueno Zoo

One of the best Zoo's I've ever been to!

3 Meji Jingu / Harajuku
4 Odaiba

There's a replica of the statue of liberty here, as well as amazing views of Tokyo tower behind the rainbow bridge. Also the Massive Gundam Replica!

5 Robot Restaurant

It's a bit expensive, and a bit of a tourist trap.. amazing none the less, also ask your hotels if they have a discount code! PRO TIP

6 Tokyo Sea Life Park

One of my favourite Aquariums in Japan. Go if you like fish, also near Disneyland (which if you go, go to Disney Sea)

7 Yoyogi Park

Go on Sunday to see the rock-a-billies! Also take a bento lunch from the train station with you!

8 MT. Takao

A hike of about 5-7hrs.. On a clear day you can see MT Fuji. It has a rope bridge on the way back!

9 Senso-ji Temple

A general good place to go. Can be a bit confusing to get there but has good sights and shopping otherwise

10 LaQua

You can't go to Japan without a Naked bath. I've, naturally, only been to the womens one, but I understand there arnt too many yakuza at this one.

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