Most Attractive Eye Colors On Specific Genders

So about a week ago, Britgirl made this list about people who find shyness attractive, and that got me thinking, "Huh, that's pretty weird...". Then I thought about all the times that people would say that my eyes are cute or nice, and then I was like, "Huh. That's weird too..." so then I decided to make a list about it! You can add whatever color you want, doesn't have to be a natural shade of eye color.

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1 Blue (Female)

My eyes are light blue and they go great with my dirty blonde hair (with natural blonde highlights)! The hair and eye color runs in the family (on my moms side)!

I'm a female and have blue eyes. Now I have the most beautiful eye color for a female. - SpinelliFan

I really love blue eyes. They look so cool and pretty. Sadly I don't have blue eyes but I would like to have them.

I'm so lucky I was blessed with silver-blue eyes. I would look hideous in any other eye color!

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2 Green (Male)

Look on Theo Theodoridis! He has fantastic green eyes!

I like green eyes on any gender but I think they suit males best. It gives them a softer appearance. - Britgirl

YESS! I'm a boy and I have green eyes! - Nateawesomeness

3 Blue (Male)


Yeah - Userguy44

I like blue the best

So hot

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4 Green (Female)

This is me and I love it.

My eyes are green. - Britgirl

Feels cute.

5 Brown (Female)

I really think dark brown suits u girls

I only vote on my eye color


Literally only white people can have all these shades of eyes. Any race is beautiful, don't continue to limit our standards of beauty.

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6 Purple (Female)

Some people have purple eyes, like me. Watch youtube, dummy.

No human being has purple eyes. You're looking at contact lenses.

I think they're referring to like, Elizabeth Taylor kind of purple yes. - keycha1n

This exists due to a disorder called Alexandria's Genesis. - Pegasister12

Alexandria's Genesis isn't real. It was made up in a book and then the internet went insane and claimed that it was real. In order for you to have purple eyes, you'd have to be an albino, but most albinos have light blue eyes. - Merilille

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7 Red (Female)

Does that mean you are evil?

Sigh, I kinda wish we could have different colour eyes. Instead of using contacts.

I mean who doesn't just find a devil women attractive? Am I right?!?

Uh,ohh,the satanic women have arrived,(ignore my pointless stereotype lol) - Nateawesomeness

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8 Hazel (Female)

I have a mix of brown, yellow, and green. I think green eyes are beautiful and my best friends have brown and one has gray.

I have hazel eyes but I don't really care what color my eyes are because all eye colors are beautiful to me!

9 Hazel (Male)

My girlfriend used to say she found my hazel eyes attractive. I guess I got some lucky genes or something. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I have hazel eyes but not attractive... :( - Danguy10

10 Purple (Male)

The Contenders

11 Chocolate (male)

Good to know I have unattractive eyes. - TNDNCS

Lol, brown eyes on males are ugly according to TheTopTens. - Therandom

I have these, I like them.

Brown eyes on guys are so hot! There My favorite by far. There so mysterious and say a lot about you. I also love black Eyes on guys they're so hottt

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12 Red (Male)

Me when I'm pissed off. - Userguy44

Red is the color of the devil, and isn't bada**. Yellow eyes are. - Therandom

I wanna have red eyes!

Girl- you see that guy over there he's so cute! His eyes bring out his beauty!
Me- I never knew you had a crush on satin.. Good for you! "Slowly walks away"

13 Blue-Green (Female)
14 Dark Blue (Male)
15 Grey (Female)

No! I have silver eyes too!

Wow! Am I the only person with silver/gray eyes?!

16 Black (Male)

I love guys with dark brown eyes.
They are better than blue or green eyes in my opinion.

17 Yellow (Male)

Yellow eyes? That's kind of weird.

18 Amber (Male)
19 Blue-Green (Male)

I have s guy friend who has these kind of eyes. They look sooo good! A lot of people comment on them

20 Black (Female)

Yeah they look hot - Cristionel_Rossi_17

21 White (Female)

Is she related to Herobrine?

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