Most Attractive Hetalia Guys

It doesn't have to be hot, sexy, cute or handsome it's just who in your eyes is the most attractive man in Hetalia.

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21 Russia

, imagine waking up next to this silver haired male & he engulfs you in a warm hug while you two are spooning for warmth because it's freezing not being under the covers (Oh! my mom is home, I can hear her car...well that was random) and then he murmurs in your ears "Good morning Sunflower" In his cute a55 Russian accent or whisper Russian things in your ear, like -drooling-

This might just be my personal preference, but I really think Russia is so hot, along with Germany in close second. I just love how they (especially Russia) can be portrayed as cute and then dominating at the same time! X3

While Russia may appear cute (or threatening) on the outside, he always seems to whisk you away if you look deep enough into his eyes...

Why is Scotland above this?

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22 Latvia

I think Latvia is honestly adorable, he is so perfect and needs more love!

Yes please hun - LatSea-RusCan

He is literally my precious cinnamon roll. he is so adorable!

Raivis is so cute. I wish I could comfort him though

23 Holy Roman Empire

Why is that adorable chibi on here? - SenpaiNoticeMe

Hot and caring - LatSea-RusCan

TOO CUTE! - Sassy13crown

24 Norway

His stoic expressions, soft looking blonde hair, dull indigo eyes. Not to mention he can do MAGIC! It's also really cute when he tries to get Iceland to call him big brother.

What the hell, why is he on 24 he should be in the first place he is my favorite character, he is sooo cute I love him! I also love his butter and coffee! It is the best. I love his whispery voice. I want to go to norway sooo bad! Someone used to think he was a girl because of the phone to call trolls. They even thought that he was Ukraine and they looked exactly alike!

He is an amazing character, that is all I have to say.

Just... Norway...

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25 Romania

Adorable little vampire baby. A much better version of twilight (just my opinion) A mysterious charm to an attractive well dressed man

He's an adorable little trickster! What's not to love? He believes in magic and loves his little brother! What a cutie!

He just so attractive with his ruby red eyes and that little hat tops it all off!

He is so adorable! He is well-dressed and he has got a really cute smile! - Meshlya

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26 Switzerland

ANOTHER CRAZY HOT GUY YOU LEFT OUT! What is wrong in you guys' MINDS!?!?!

He's so beautiful and smouldering with sex appeal, why is he at 29th?


27 Korea

Come on! He should be higher. Sure he's not in the anime, but he has a great personality, good art skills, and great comedy. I have heard he's quite muscular. 😍

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28 Bulgaria

If you like Attack on Titan's Eren Jaeger then you will like Bulgaria

He's hot to be honest - LatSea-RusCan

29 Seborga


30 Poland

so fab =3

31 Turkey

How could he be forgotten!? And you place greece before him!?!? I am disgusted.

He is so sexy. I mean, those abs. And you place Greece before him. I hate this.

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32 Northern Ireland


33 Finland

He looks adorable and is so sweet, but of you look at the history you will see how badass Sweden's wife can be.

Why is finland behinf scotland and northern ireland ho aren't even canon characters - LatSea-RusCan

Finland definitely deserves a higher rank, have you looked at him yet?
He is so adoreable, he is just so happy, and the fact that he is santa, SANTA!

Ps I a really big fan of the caracter
I meant it as a complement!

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34 Lithuania

He's so sweet! He puts his friends needs before him, and goes out of his way to help them, not to mention, he does look pretty nice...

He is really cute and sweet. I like that he is hardworking and friendly. I wish more people would like him.

My bae.. he's so adorable I just want to cuddle him.

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35 Australia

Dammit why is Australia voted this low?

Australia has to be higher

36 India
37 Portugal


38 Egypt

Sure Egypt only appears once, but he is super hot! Heehee

39 Cuba

Cuba is terrifying 0_o

40 Sealand

What the fudge?! Sealand is like 12! Why, people? Why?!

He's MY LITTLE CUTIIEEE. id date him cause I'm legit 12 yeet - LatSea-RusCan

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