Best Atypical Episodes

Atypical is a 2017 Netflix original Comedy-Drama series that revolves around a teenage boy with autism and his family. The show's plot contains issues regarding living with autism, teenagehood, relationships, parenting, and everyday situations. What do you believe to be the best episodes of the show so far?
The Top Ten
1 Ritual-licious

The one where Elsa throws Casey a surprise birthday party. - JhonneSeena

2 In the Dragon's Lair

The one where Sam sleeps over at Zahid's house. - JhonneSeena

3 Antarctica

The (pilot) first episode where we meet Sam and his family and Sam begins wondering about the opposite sex. - JhonneSeena

4 Pants on Fire

The one where Zahid teaches sam to lie. - JhonneSeena

5 Ernest Shackleton's Rules for Survival

The one where Sam deals with comments in his yearbook and Paige prepares for her graduation speech. - JhonneSeena

6 The Silencing Properties of Snow

The one where Sam and Casey have their school dance. - JhonneSeena

7 A Nice Neutral Smell

The one where Sam writes a list of pros and cons of he going out with Paige. - JhonneSeena

8 Penguin Cam and Chill

The one where Paige sets some rules for her and Sam's relationship and Casey is trying to settle in at her new school, Clayton. - JhonneSeena

9 That's My Sweatshirt

The one where Sam deals with Paige invading his privacy and Casey makes her first trip to Clayton Prep. - JhonneSeena

10 I Lost My Poor Meatball

The one where Elsa realizes why she shouldn't be with Nick and Sam has second thoughts about being with Paige. - JhonneSeena

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