Best Auburn Football Games

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1 Kick Six

I was there for that great run back ever

Chris davis returned the missed fg by Alabama with one second on the clock for the winning td

I was tbere to witness the most incredible comeback victory of a time

2 Punt Bama Punt

Heard my father talk about this one all my life and David Langner played for my highschool

I was 2 years old and heard about the game every day from my Father. And I got 8 x 10 photos of the game. Shows the blocked punt by Bill Newton and the run by David Langner. Both punts.

Aub. blocked two Alabama punts in the forth quarter and returned them both for tds. we one by one point

3 The Interception Game

I was tbere and that was the flukiest game I've Beverly seen all they had to do was milk the clock but no they kept throwing and let Auburns great defense play ball

Auburn picked off lsu five times in the fourth quarter and returned three of them for tds. this was a comeback for ya

Great gam

4 The Immaculate Deflection

Ricardo louis caught a tipped hail mary pass on forth and eighteen for a td to win

Loved loved this game! Happened in front of me! Lost my voice for two days. Knew Auburn would win. It was that kind of season. Unbelievable - - -

5 The Camback

I was there and that was an amazing comeback never felt out of that game even down 24 points

We were down 24-0 at one point but won 28-27 with the help of cam

6 Bo Over the Top

I was tbere and that was the most amazing jump I've ever seen now years later knowing Bo told Coach Dye that he was a high jumper in high school and lets go over the top and Dye agreed Bo called the play we won

Bo jackson junps over the goal line for the game winning td

7 2011 National Championship

My family was there and had an amazing time watching Auburn beat The Ducks

Wes byrum kicks the fg to make us win. this one isn't detailed because you should know about it

8 2009 Auburn vs Florida

We beat tim tebow when they were favored to beat the squirts out of us

Didn't play Florida in 09

I was sitting in the in the upper deck and got so nervous I cold not sit still! so exciting.

9 2013 Auburn vs Texas A&M

Dee ford is awesome

10 2011 Auburn vs South Carolina

We were unranked and beat a top ten team

Solid win for Auburn

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