Best Aurthohin Albums

Aurthohin is a Bangladeshi rock band. Greatest albums of theirs. They released seven full albums. So, here's all of them from best to worst.

The Top Ten

1 Aushomapto 1 Aushomapto 1

This album was their best album. Their lead singer and bassist, Sumon was sick and suffering from cancer from their last album "Dhrubok". They were barely performing any song. Seemed like they'd disband. But instead they continued. Even Sumon had broke his Jaw and stopped singing. After 2005, even some of the original members left the band. But after 5 years they released the album. And hopefully it had the best songs.

Notable songs, Guti (the finale), Chaite Paro 2, Anmone, Kadbe Bismoye, Nikkristo, Aushomapto, Jodi Kono Din etc. Almost 70% best songs (top 10) are from this album. - zxm

2 Aushomapto 2 Aushomapto 2

Sequel to Aushomapto 1. This album was great. Though not that much good like their previous album. But still good. - zxm

3 Dhrubok Dhrubok
4 Biborton Biborton
5 Trimatrik
6 Cancer Er Nishikabyo

Worst album. Was too proud when creating this album. - zxm

7 Notun Diner Michile
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