Best Austin and Ally Songs

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1 You Can Come to Me

I was going to pick this one but I looked at the other ones abd I just remember the old song but this is great.

For me, this is the best duet of austin and ally

That's my song I'm a big fan of Austin and Allie

It is the best

2 You Wish You Were Me

My friends and I sing this all the time! Laugh out loud! I'm so much better than you! I'm a 10 you're a 2! Only Trish could come up with something epic like this!

I always laugh at this episode especially when dez and Trish almost kissed

I think it was so awesome


3 The Ally Way

Catchy more than just catchy very catchy

A nice song good song to.

Ally I wish I could be with you all Austin you are a good singer so are you ally Trish your funny nice and crazy just in the good way and sweet dreams of mine came true to watch Austin and ally all day please right back

Love it very much

I love this song

4 Finally Me

Laura Marano sings so beautifully!

Nice song Austin and Ally

The Song Was From A Great Episode!

This is so ear catching

5 Stuck On You

I love this song! It's so sweet and shows Austin's true self. Also has beautiful vocals, with simple guitar in the background

It's reelly sweat and meaningful much more than his usual, songs I don't know if it's realistic guitar or the higher voice put this song is really soulful

It is a beautiful song with heaps of meaning

I love this song honestly

6 The Way that You Do

It has a positive message!

7 Timeless

I really love this song I could listen to it on repeat for a day

This should be higher!

This is good and because, I watched the video, so cool

The greatest song to ever exist

8 Don't Look Down

This song gives a positive message!


9 Not a Love Song

We love and I can to meet you


10 Better Than This

Do not know this song oh yah just forgot my catch phrase Waz up$

The Contenders

11 Redial

I love the song it's so good

I do not know this song

12 Double Take

It was the song that brought Austin and Ally together

This song its coolwhen austin moon sing this song

13 Who I Am

It's a very good song and make you feel like you can do any thing

Awesome song I love austin and ally

14 I Think About You

Best song in my opinion

It was so cute between ally and Austin moon have there first kiss 💋 thank you the cast of Austin and ally for this song my your biggest fan

This song from Ross to Laura is absolutely adorable and so cute! I <3 this song!

15 A Billion Hits

I love this song why isn't it higher even though my favorite is 2 in a million I still prefer this higher

I like this song

How is this song #20! Ross Lynch sounded awesome in this song!

Awsomeness song can't stop singing it

16 Parachute

How is this #23?! This is by far my favourite song that Ally sings. It has such a powerful meaning and I think Laura does an amazing job on the vocals.

This has many comments, why don't you level this up, this song is great, there is like no gravity when I am listening to this

This should be in the top ten because of the beauty of the song, and it is one of the songs Ally sang, well Laura sang.

This song demonstrates the true value of her love and friendship and the bond she shares with Austin. I admire its inspiration.

17 Steal Your Heart

This is my best song so far Austin writing it for ally is the best part

This is the best song in austin and ally

I gonna steal your heart

18th? 18th it should be first

18 What We're About
19 Me and You

This should be in top ten because of the ear catching it has, this song is wonderful truthfully

Hey dudes, bros, or whatever, this should be in top 5, this song is very wonderful

This should be in the top three

20 No Ordinary Day

Almost the best, this song is wonderful and perfect

21 Better Together

I'm sorry this is the 21st? WHAT?

22 Heard On the Radio

What kind of list is it without Heard It on the Radio, the most underrated (albeit best-viewed) Austin & Ally song being top 1?!

This is good, I wonder why it is not in top 3

This is supposed to be in the top 5

This should get higher, this is so good and in the story they really made a hardwork of writing the song

23 I Got That Rock 'n Roll

I think my 2 favourite Austin and Ally songs are Better than this and You can come to me. They are really good songs

I Love This song

24 Glee Club Mashup

I love this mash-up. It combines all of the best Austin and Ally songs and I liked it when each of the characters had their solos. I especially enjoyed Trish and Dez's parts, as they don't get to sing very often. I think Austin and Ally did a great job too though, as always.

This is like from my favorite episode

I wish that I could be there

I love this espiecally dezs parts

25 The Me That You Don't See

This is a really beautiful song by Laura!

Laura Marano has a beautiful voice!

This song is really great

26 Upside Down

This by far one of my favorite songs from the show! It has such a sweet message and in my opinion, the best lyrics!

This song is so great, why top 30

27 Na, Na, Na

Hey, this song is wonderful, perfect for summer

28 Melody Diner Song
29 Who U R
30 You Don't See Me

I like this song... I wish it would have been included in at least 1 Disney album because its much more better than u wish u were me

31 Superhero
32 Ally's Goodbye
33 Take It from the Top

This song is great

34 Chasin' the Beat of My Heart
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