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1 What About Love

This song is really awesome. It should be number 1. It's a lot better than 11:11.

This song is absolutely awesome, amazing, mind-blowing, and wow just wow! And so is Austin! And I listen to it every single day at least 10 times, sometimes 20 or more.

What about love is such a powerful song. It's amazing!

This must be the 1

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2 MMM Yeah

This is my FAVORITE song EVER! The music video for this is tots hot. ! I listen to this song every single day like a million times. ! It deserves to be #1! - al12w25

Totally epic
This is the first day I'm listening to this song and I have heard this like 150 times just today

This is the best energetic song I have heard till today. This one truly deserves to be no. 1.

He is mmm yeah - austinmahonefan12

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3 Say You're Just a Friend

Amazing song and the best... Flo Rida is there

This is such a cool song. It should be at least number two...!

4 11:11

This song touched my heart - austinmahonefan12

5 Say Somethin

I LOVE this song. I love all his songs. This and What About Love are my favorites. He's a great singer. Crush On Him!

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6 All I Ever Need

Why isn't this number 1. This is one of his best songs. Listen to it. I wasn't a fan until this if I'm being honest.

This is the only song from Austin that I listen to. Perfect song!

This song should be in top 1

This must be on top, surely one of the best from

7 Till I Find You

This song has so much going on, and I love it! This song thooo

Cool song. should be #1!

8 Shadow (Acoustic)

This should be number 1 to be honest

9 Shawty Shawty
10 Heart In My Hand

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11 Loving You Is Easy
12 Banga! Banga!

I Love this song, and I just can't believe there are no comments.

13 The One I've Waited For

This is the best song off the album why is it last!

Such a beautiful song! And Austin's voice just made it more soothing.

This song is just so amazing

This is a amazing song

14 U

I feel like this song is where Austin found his true style, it just worked so well for him, plus, I love the rap verse he threw in.

He found his true style and that rap verse was amazing too

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15 Next to You
16 Magik 2.0
17 Can't Fight This Love
18 Secret
19 Say My Name

This song should be number 1. Love this song like HEL

20 Put It On Me


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