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1 What About Love

This song is really awesome. It should be number 1. It's a lot better than 11:11.

This song is absolutely awesome, amazing, mind-blowing, and wow just wow! And so is Austin! And I listen to it every single day at least 10 times, sometimes 20 or more.

What about love is such a powerful song. It's amazing!


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2 MMM Yeah

This is my FAVORITE song EVER! The music video for this is tots hot. ! I listen to this song every single day like a million times. ! It deserves to be #1! - al12w25

Totally epic
This is the first day I'm listening to this song and I have heard this like 150 times just today

This is the best energetic song I have heard till today. This one truly deserves to be no. 1.

He is mmm yeah - austinmahonefan12

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3 Say You're Just a Friend

Amazing song and the best... Flo Rida is there

This is such a cool song. It should be at least number two...!

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5 Say Somethin

I LOVE this song. I love all his songs. This and What About Love are my favorites. He's a great singer. Crush On Him!

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6 All I Ever Need

Why isn't this number 1. This is one of his best songs. Listen to it. I wasn't a fan until this if I'm being honest.

This is the only song from Austin that I listen to. Perfect song!

This song should be in top 1

This must be on top, surely one of the best from

7 Shawty Shawty
8 Heart In My Hand
9 Till I Find You

This song has so much going on, and I love it! This song thooo

Cool song. should be #1!

10 Shadow (Acoustic)

This should be number 1 to be honest

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11 Loving You Is Easy
12 Banga! Banga!

I Love this song, and I just can't believe there are no comments.

13 The One I've Waited For

This is the best song off the album why is it last!

Such a beautiful song! And Austin's voice just made it more soothing.

This song is just so amazing

This is a amazing song

14 U

I feel like this song is where Austin found his true style, it just worked so well for him, plus, I love the rap verse he threw in.

He found his true style and that rap verse was amazing too

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15 Next to You
16 Magik 2.0
17 Can't Fight This Love
18 Secret
19 Say My Name V 1 Comment
20 Put It On Me V 1 Comment
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