Top Ten Australian Theme Parks

The Top Ten Australian Theme Parks

1 Dreamworld

I agree dreamworld continues to add attractions and is just getting bigger and bigger while movie world will shut down a good attraction such as looney tunes river ride then wait 2 years before replacing it with motor school, close a family attraction and replace it with a tiny tots attraction I think they have lost the plot! Sure add the mini motor school for the kids but don't go closing down a good attraction for all ages. If I could only visit 1 theme park and I'm not a big ride person I would select Dream world it's bigger brighter and has a larger choice for all ages.

Dreamworld owns the other parks and has the tower of terror 2 which is the 5th fastest roller coaster in the world and the buzzsaw which has the 2nd highest inversion in the world

Dreamworld should be number 1 because it has a larger variety than Movie world and is more iconic to Australia's economy

Dreamworld is allot better than Movie World, its got rides for all the family. so does Movie World but Dream World has a larger variety. in the past 4 years all that movieworld has done is do fright night, white Christmas and built the green lantern. while Dream world has done shockwave, buzzsaw, pandamonium. soon dreamworld will be opining the 9th thrill ride, new food outlitts and and the other world in one (white water world) will be opening a new water slide. so dreamworld is making a lot better progress than Movie World.

2 Warner Bros Movieworld

I've been there before, its great. There's thousands of rare exclusive things for sale there, which you wont find anywhere else. There's mascots for kids to take photos with, there's a photo booth, roller coasters, and everything I want to see again but my favourite part about it is the cola room

I go to Gold coast every year an am here Everyyear, I love it so much, Looney tunes River Ride, Batman, Scooby Doo, Road runner etc go to hell Luna Park - roblist

I love going there, I have been there twice. It is a lot of fun my favourite ride when I was 12 was the scooby-doo roller coaster. - dragon13304

Superman Escape is epic - nothin' on Kingda Ka but the best roller coaster in Australia!

3 WetnWild Water World

I love this place favorite ride tornado

wet n wild owns all this parks yeeah - CrowdedChisel

This should be first

4 Adventure World

Adventure world is amazing and I love going there. The rides are so exciting. My favourite rides are the Abyss and Freefall. If you come to adventure world you would not be disappointed as it is a family and fun place.

Nothing can beat it! It truly one of the best!

Great water slides

It shall be number 1 because of the best waterslide and rollercoaster

5 Luna Park (Melbourne)

Sydney copied Melbourne with this theme park. We had our thing


6 Seaworld

Voted for this just to make PETA supporters angry.

I feel bad for the animals there, but other than that it's a good theme park.

Supes is better than Stormy.

I would say number 2

7 White Water World


With the Most Advanced Water Slides in the world and the only park with all 4 of the hottest water slides in the world, you have to say, Dreamworld did good when they opened this park in 2006

I loved it because not that busy but good slides

Love luna park melbourne round up or white roller coaster

8 Luna Park (Sydney)

2 words. Tumble Bug.

Best location in the world!

This Place...

I live in Australia. My mum told me one day “that you should not go to Luna Park” I Said “why? ” Then she said “Because all the best rides are gone.” I understand.

9 Jamberoo

I live very close to this theme park, and its amazing my favourite part is the giant whale

Has bobsled and other awesome rides

My famly live near buy so we go all the time.

Pretty fun. not as many slides as wet n wild but the funnel web and taipan are enough.

10 Sydney Aquarium


The Contenders

11 Aussie World

Best amusement park for children under 12

12 Adventure Park (Geelong)
13 Leanyer Recreation Park

Take the challenge of the funderstorm in the NT Darwin

14 Fun Fields


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