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1 Nil

This track is perfect; bass, beats, transitions, chords etc. Mindblowing.

2 The Egg

Stunning track! Has like four melodies all ticking in together, and is extremely awesome. And at about the sixth minute when that drop comes... DANG.

3 Corc

Calming, tranquil, amazing! And the snares with the tune in the end, so beautiful..

4 Cipater

So funky and epic; love those beats. That drunk bass and that adorable chordplay, amazing, then comes the irritable, yet innovative and great transition. Lovely stuff.

5 Crystel

Just plain awesome. Drums, bass, drums.. Bass

6 Pen Expers

This one is gorgeous. Not as emotional as their work before this, but the beat programming and the epic synths that sound reminiscent of a pipe organ are incredible. It literally took me a year from the first time I heard it to finally get it.

Epic; transforming and absolutely wonderful fading tune. Those beats are kickass!

7 444

Wonderful and rare track by Autechre. A must hear, due to that auspicious tune and those kickass beats.

8 VLetrmx21

What's to say about this serene treasure?

9 Bike

One of the first ae songs I heard, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Te bass has to be my favorite from all ae tracks.

10 Clipper

One of the most beautiful experiences I always have

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11 Rae

So sad, bittersweet and cheerful at the same time. Beautiful and catchy song.

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