Top 10 Authors Who are Terrible People

Here, this concerns authors of both fiction and non-fiction who are terrible people behind the scenes.

The Top Ten

1 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.

Do I even need to explain why he is here? - Mrveteran

2 Varg Vikernes Varg Vikernes Louis Cachet, (born Kristian Vikernes) more popularly known as Varg Vikernes, is a Norwegian musician, writer, and a convicted murderer and arsonist. He is known as the frontman of the one-man band Burzum (named after a word in the Black Speech, which is a fictional language in J.R.R. Tolkien's The more.

Has written books about Scandinavian history. At the same time he killed a bandmate, burned down churches and is a Neo-Nazi. - Mrveteran

3 Norman Mailer

Killed his second wife. Need we said more? - Mrveteran

4 David Irving

Notorious Holocaust denier who infamously lost a case against a historian who accused him of lying about history. Was found to be distorting history to the extreme, and deliberately writing in support of Hitler & the Nazis. - Mrveteran

5 Stephen Goodson

Another holocaust denier who admires Hitler all the while hating democracy. Presumably that's because his numerous parties haven't even got 1% of the vote in South African elections. - Mrveteran

6 Charles Dickens Charles Dickens Charles John Huffam Dickens (7 February 1812 – 9 June 1870) was an English writer and social critic. He created some of the world's best-known fictional characters and is regarded by many as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era. more.

Child abuse and adultery. - Mrveteran

Oh my God...! Seriously?! - Britgirl

7 Orson Scott Card

Notoriously homophobic. - Mrveteran

8 Bret Easton Ellis Bret Easton Ellis Bret Easton Ellis (born March 7, 1964) is an American author, screenwriter, and short story writer. His works have been translated into 27 languages. He was at first regarded as one of the so-called literary Brat Pack, which also included Tama Janowitz and Jay McInerney. He is a self-proclaimed satirist, more.

Saying women couldn't direct as good as men, and even celebrated the death of JD Salinger. - Mrveteran

9 Jeffrey Archer

Convicted for perjury in 2000, after having lied in a previous libel case in the 1980s. - Mrveteran

10 Marion Zimmer Bradley Marion Zimmer Bradley Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy, historical fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy novels, and is best known for the Arthurian fiction novel The Mists of Avalon, and the Darkover series.

Accused of sexually abusing her own kids right after her death.

The Contenders

11 J.K. Rowling J.K. Rowling Joanne Rowling, CH, OBE, FRSL, FRCPE, writing under the pen names J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist, philanthropist, film and television producer and screenwriter best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series.

Has been an often preachy and irritating person, not to mention how her jumping on the anti-PewDiePie bandwagon is utterly hypocritical, considering how she was on the end of such abuse herself when her books were accused of promoting witchcraft. Amazing. - Mrveteran

JKR has donated a lot of her money to charity. - clusium

Still doesn't mean she's not a jerk though. Look at Bono for example. - Mrveteran

12 Lewis Carroll Lewis Carroll Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was an English writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon, and photographer.

I think he wanted to marry an 11-year-old. Correct me if I'm wrong.

13 Adnan Oktar
14 Anne Perry
15 H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) was an American author who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. Virtually unknown and published only in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, he is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century more.

Was known for being notoriously racist and misanthropic.

16 Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician who was a Democratic presidential candidate in the 2008 and 2016 elections.
17 L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, often referred to by his initials LRH, was an American author and the founder of the Church of Scientology.
18 Valerie Solanas Valerie Solanas
19 Robert A. Heinlein
20 C.S. Lewis C.S. Lewis Clive Staples Lewis (29 November 1898 – 22 November 1963) was a British novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist. more.
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