Top 10 AutoRap Users


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1 An0maly

This guy was a beast at his time, and won the 2012 AutoRap Championship. - funnysoccerdude11

2 IamthenightX10

I am actually FunnyDude11 (now 4GDfromyoutube) and I hope you liked my list iAMtheNIGHTx10

IamthenightX10 battled the best. Arpatron, An0maly, hammonsmatthew99, etc. - funnysoccerdude11

I am "iAMtheNIGHTx10" and I didn't even know this list existed! I want to think anybody who voted for me, it's a real honor to be considered a top rapper let alone being considered second only to anOmaly. I'm truly humbled and can't thank you all enough for your support But this list is missing some names! 0Ballistic0, ThE_ColD_TRuTH, itswall176, flyingnutt, CASHDRO82, packAdayJoker, JAWDZ & CAPTKIRKDIKTRACY just to name a few!

3 Arpatron

Flexin' On Ya Weak Emcees is the best song this guy has made. He is a beast. - funnysoccerdude11

4 hammonsmatthew99

This Guy Carries The Flow To Another Height. - funnysoccerdude11

5 XxsorrowsangelxX

Crush, crush, crush. That's her motto. - funnysoccerdude11

6 flyingnutt
7 PackADayJoker
8 Dogs_In_The_Hood

Gash, crushing every emcee that has gone up against him, he earns a lot of followers. - funnysoccerdude11

9 LighteningDust

LighteningDust is the best MLP rapper there is. Beast. - funnysoccerdude11

10 FunnyDude11

Although he may not seem good, he is pretty good for a beginner. Getting 20 followers and 40 raps and battles in just a month, it's just amazing. - funnysoccerdude11

Additional Comment: FunnyDude11 has reached 50 followers and 100 raps and battles. In 3 weeks - funnysoccerdude11

The Contenders

11 JaceCC

JaceCC's song Sing For Ponyvill, got 1,000 Loves. BEAT THAT AUTORAP! - funnysoccerdude11


No One Challenges him because he is the best. - funnysoccerdude11

14 0Ballistic0
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