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41 Long Feng
42 Sozin
43 Yue

Come on kids, Yue did kind of sacrifice herself to become the moon spirit...

She's not my favourite but she doesn't deserve to be at the bottom.

I love Yue. She sacrificed herself for the moon spirit. Why is she at the bottom?

Okay yes I don't like her because I found her kind of boring but she shouldn't be at the bottom. She did sacrifice herself for the moon spirit after all. - Anonymousxcxc

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44 Zhao

Fire drove him to madness and evil, but he seemed like a competent commander. Introduced the essence of the fire nation early on into the story

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45 Chen
46 Pakku

Why is he at the bottom, let him and Jet trade places, if not Ozai or Azula.

47 The Boulder

He should be fifth to last or something. Jet should be in last, Ozai in second to last, Zhao in third to last, and that Aunt Woo enthusiast dude from The Fortuneteller episode in fourth to last. - Anonymousxcxc

Please put him in third to last, smack dab in front of Ozai who deserves to be low in terribleness.

"The Boulder does not deserve to be this low on your petty list."
-- The Boulder, probably

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