Reasons Avatar : The Legend of Korra is Better Than Winx Club

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1 The Legend of Korra characters are better

The characters have actual development and you can relate to them

2 Korra treats her friends better than Stella treats hers

Stella once forced Musa to go on a date with Jared. What a jerk.

3 Korra is not a stupid mary-sue

Bloom is a stupid Mary-sue. She gets away with everything, and always gets the best out if her friends. One time one girl makes a band, and guess who's the lead? Bloom, and she didn't even MAKE the band.

I like both shows, But bloom can go step on a lego.

4 Legend of Korra has better animation

A six year old can animate better than whoever's doing Winx Club

5 Winx is a ripoff of another show
6 Winx is not funny

Let's set Bloom's hair on fire. That will be funny, haha.

7 Bloom is ugly, Korra is not

Korra is ugly, Bloom is not.

8 Bloom is overrated
9 The Legend Of Korra has better villains
10 Winx Club is too girly while The Legend Of Korra is for both boys and girls
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11 The romance In Winx Club Is cheesy

Love at first sight doesn't exist, you know? It's pretty much like "Oh My God! That guy I just met right now Is so handsome! " Or "Oh My! That girl I just saw is so pretty! " Even that they hardly knew each other back then, It's always because of "Love at first sight" and then, once they hook up we get cheesy(seriously)arguments that we've saw all the time(I mean, come on! We want something new! ). I think they did this to make kids more "optimistic" but, they fail at It

12 The Legend Of Korra is actually worth your time
13 The Legend of Korra is more original
14 Korra has a better design
15 Korra tried to be diverse
16 The Legend of Korra has LGBT characters while Winx Club doesn't
17 The Legend of Korra is more anime-like
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