Best Avenged Sevenfold Album Closers

While the closing songs on Avenged Sevenfold albums are usually less good than their openers, they usually happen to be at the very least decent.

The Top Ten

1 Exist

My favourite A7x song. Each section is amazing, the first 6 minutes have great riffs and is just fun, the middle section with the vocals is honestly quite beautiful, and the final few minutes are absolutely amazing - kempokid

2 Save Me

I prefer this to Nightmare, the emotion put into this song is a big reason why. The song does a good job in terms of riffs as well, and the solos are amazing. - kempokid

Absolutely agree with Kempokid's comment below...Nightmare is only better in terms of popularity but Save Me is the real gem on this LP. - Arhaan95

3 Afterlife

This is the alternate version from Diamonds in the Rough. I personally like this even more than the original version, the extra emphasis on the orchestra really adds even more to a song that was already really good. - kempokid

4 M.I.A.

Other than the fact that it goes on a bit too long, I find this to be a really good song a hat is quite emotional. - kempokid

5 Acid Rain

I find this to be a very nice ballad, with all around good performance by everyone. It isn't the greatest song, but I don't think it's bad either. - kempokid

6 And All Things Will End

I don't mind this one, but I don't find it too amazing either - kempokid

7 Dear God

I find this one to be really dull and uninteresting. - kempokid

8 Shattered by Broken Dreams

I hate almost every song on this album, and this one is no exception - kempokid

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