Top 10 Avenged Sevenfold Albums With the Greatest Guitar Solo

The Top Ten

1 City of Evil

Listen to songs like bat country, beast and the harlot, M.I.A. and the best of them all Seize the day

2 Avenged Sevenfold
3 Waking the Fallen
4 Nightmare
5 Hail to the King
6 Live in the Lbc & Diamonds in the Rough
7 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
8 Waking the Fallen Resurrected
9 The Stage

I don't agree with this trash tier list. this album BY FAR has the best solos of avenged sevenfold. paradigm, higher, the stage, fermi paradox, simulation, sunny disposition, angels, roman sky, exist. the only song I didn't mention was god damn. and that is the only song on this album that has a solo that is not a 9/10 - agarthanreaper

Every Solo Defines what solos should be, from the beautiful and melodic pieces from The Stage all the way to the crazy and epic 15 minute long Exist. The Solos are a Masterpiece and this Album is a Masterpiece.

10 Warmness On the Soul

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11 All Excess
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