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21 So Far Away

Syn really shows his emotion in the solo's in this sing

Come on! 22nd! This song is pure emotion and that is clearly visable in their video. You can actually see the emotion of every band member, especially Syn when he plays that solo - Danielsun182

This should be in the top 10 at least the solo is full of emotion from everyone

That solo make's me cry...

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22 Scream

The song starts off good with some epic guitar but then the solo makes it be not just a good song but an amazing song. The first part of Syn's solo is fast and cool and then comes the harmonized solo with Zacky. Amazing.

This is not the longest solo of Synyster, But damn, it was really fast. It deserved the top 10 - Olive855

DUDE what the hell?! Why did I have to scroll down to 25! This is top 5 for sure!

23 Dear God

The whole song is beautiful and the solo just add to it. This solo just other, no other way to put it.

This song is my favorite song among this band they mix many kind of instrument like houzien, classic, rock so that I do like this song

24 Girl I Know
25 Clairvoyant Disease

This is the best a7x solo along with seize the day, its not about speed its about the heart behind the solo

26 Nightmare

The best intro ever to a song. really scary solo

27 God Hates Us
28 Carry On

What the **** this one is pure skill and music knowledge I can play afterlife @ 8 months of playing but at 1year I can't play this

29 Hail to the King

The first part with one handed tapping is flawless, and then Syn moves into the harmonic (or melodic, I'm not sure which, as I'm only an amateur guitarist) scale with its eerie yet major key Egyptian sound! It's all around wonderful!

When I heard this solo I was so happy. I was worried they were gonna screw up the entire album but when I heard it, I was relieved that I was wrong. This deserves top 10 in this list - Danielsun182

Come on this solo is really good! Should be on top 10

29? I thought for sure this would be number 1! I'm shocked

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30 Strength of the World

An amazing solo both of them are just amazing and have super creative guitar playing by Syn.

I've listened to the guitar solo on this tune and it seems to bwethe best one I've heard.

31 The Stage
32 Critical Acclaim

Amazing! I absolutely love the solo / Syn and Zacky playing together

It is a cool song

33 Almost Easy

C'mon guys syns love this solo and he can play this in one hand... love every solo... Syn & Zacky rox... - skt

Tons of emotion is in this solo it should be at least within the #10

34 Unholy Confessions
35 Heretic

The most exciting Avenged Sevenfold solo. It is an extremely difficult solo, and it makes it look that is within your soul

36 Requiem

This solo is awesome! The sound is amazing and I think it is one of the best solo on the last album! - Olive855

37 Burn It Down

the bridge in the begining is insane this should be up there -

38 Shepherd of Fire V 1 Comment
39 Crimson Day

Simply the best and most beautiful solo by A7X.

40 Natural Born Killer

Come on guys if you have ever heard this song you should see the amazing level of skill of this solo. The harmonies are just beautiful and the structure of it is prrfect. The drums have the perfect timing and the rhythm guitar goes along so well. I can't pick my favorite solo because it would be like picking your favorite child bit this solo truly deserves at least top 5.

This solo is the most fun to listen to and to play! Afterlife is amazing but this solo has CLASS.

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