Top 10 Avenged Sevenfold Slow Songs

Avenged Sevenfold have a lot of great slow/ad songs, tell me which one is your favourite.

The Top Ten Avenged Sevenfold Slow Songs

1 So Far Away

Best Slow/Sad song ever. This song is the best to listen to when your loved ones die

I really love this son is the best saddest song that they ever made. I hear this song 24/7 I never stop hearing it I like the solo and I like how the lyrics is I mean, I gotta say I think this is the best song that Avenged Sevenfold that ever made

This is one of my favorite songs of all time, but its hard to listen to it whenever you think about the ones who passed in your life. I cry & smile every time I hear this song. - WolfByShadow

Best slow song forever...

2 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1

Amazing song... My favorite a7x song. Listen to it every night before I go to bed

One of the only songs to ever bring tears too my eyes... So perfect. So Sad. Just the way he scream a very cry from his soul, the way the piano builds, the heart wrenching solos. Not only the best slow song bu one of their best Period.

The way he screams at the end... Amazing and somewhat beautiful

Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood.. This song is damned good!

3 Seize the Day

This song is just amazing! You get the feels for this song! Every time you hear it, you would like to hear it again, listen to the lyrics and your mind will be blown! The video connects you with them so much as well.

Though it's not my favourite, I voted it because think it shouldn't be on no.7, but close to the top. It's one of the best songs and has one of the greatest solos ever!

Its got a totally different feel. Its something more than just ROCK

One of my favorites. It gets me every time, especially at the end.

4 Dear God

Listening to this song just takes you to another place. you forget about all movements around you. The guitar solo in it is simply incredible!
You know how some good songs just become boring after a while and you start skipping them on your playlist? Well you can't skip this one!

Nothing to say about it just too good

One of their greatest song. Deserves to be at least 2nd on this list, behind So far away.

Day by day my playlist changes...but this song...stays foREVer...

5 Warmness on the Soul

Amazing Track one of the best... Such a beautiful lyrics and wonderful piano.. Just hear it for once it will never get out of your head... And you will never vote for anything else

Me and my ex girl friends song

Beautiful and graceful. The song is well put together and is the best song from sounding the seventh trumpet, contrasting the rest of the album.

Its make me comfort

6 Victim

We're all just victims of a crime. My favorite slow tine of these guys by far. Hail to the King will demonstrate their superb musical adaptation

Even though it may not be their best song ever, this one is still my absolute favorite, because it touches me on a personal level when it reminds me of my little sister. I think it should be #1.

Very underrated tragic song with beautiful lyrics, awesome rhythm and specially emotional when coupled with So Far Away and Fiction in the same album.

Great song, It has a great message. A7x live foREVer.

7 Fiction

It isn't my favorite, but this should at least be in the top 5, considering its meaning and circumstances

Great song, last one by The Rev. FoREVer!

I can't believe this isn't #1... It's definitely their best slow song, if not their best song. And with the importance of the song and is connection with the Rev, it makes it that much more important. Beautiful song!

Whenever I listen this song, Tears come out and seriously miss The Rev. Even he's not my blood relative, I felt very sad and like something very importance is lost! :'( RIP The Rev

8 Buried Alive

Actually this song gets pretty fast

Awesome solo and also the harmony...Beautiful! Deserve to be in the top 10

It only starts out slow but I must say it's a very great song, especially since its off the album of Nightmare.

Similar to Hollow by Pantera, starts off as one of their lest heavy songs then ends as one of their heaviest. True masterpiece.

9 Acid Rain

The best till now. The best from the album and one of the best of A7x. Slow, like a ballad with epic guitar solos. This song is one of the best works of a7x.

Definitely one of the best slow songs. Special and unique. All their slow songs are great, but this one is especially awesome because it's a waltz and there are not many rock bands out there who can write a waltz and completely rock it

Probably my favorite contemporary ballet I've ever heard

Buried Alive is a great song, but doesn't belong on here. Also, Acid Rain should be higher up on the list.

10 Clairvoyant Disease

Dust begins to fall to the ground, the air is cold and thin, definitely one of the best

Its really great the solo is so beautiful

The middle bridge gives me chills every time

This spot in hells

The Contenders

11 Shattered by Broken Dreams

How is this so low, this song is so beautiful, the slow paced drums and the vocals are something else. Wholly underrated song

Simply put, their best slow song and by far the best song on STST. If you disagree it's because you just haven't heard it. Give it a few tries and thank me later, the guitar, drumming and lyrics are so great. - A7X3DGBB

12 Gunslinger

It's such an emotional song that made me cry when I first understood the meaning of this song

Best emotional song ever

This song has great meaning~ M. Shadow's vocal is really really really comfort to hear

For some time this was in my opinion the best A7x song.

13 A Little Piece of Heaven

Should be in the top ten easy!

Literally I've heard it all from a7x but this song just stands out... The vibe they create is awesome at the same time threatening... The imagery just overwhelms you... The bass and power just teleport you to the place they do all that... Can't believe it didn't make the top ten even... This is insane...

This should've made it to the top ten, or personally, taken the lead! Although, So Far Away is a tough piece to beat... - LoveMeSomePie

One of my all time favorites

14 Until the End

Sad Song From From Album Diamond In The Rough

The entire album this song was on is very underrated, and deserves more attention.

Uyeah this song is very greats

15 Roman Sky

Why isn't this song at least number 3? or better yet in the top ten? this is not just one of the best slow songs, this is one of the best songs they have ever made PERIOD. it's my 2nd favorite a7x behind exist.

This is a phenomenal song. My absolute favorite of their slower ballads, other than "So Far Away". The lyrical content and the musicianship on display just convey raw emotion about someone who was so far beyond their time in their ideas. It's absolutely beautiful.

It might be new, but that's no excuse for it not to be higher on this list. Its about a man burned at the stake for going against the roman king, or whoever, heresy basically, for believing the universe didn't revolve around us, or earth, how ever you look at it. I don't know,I find it sad.

Best thing to come out of the new album. I'm a huge fan

16 Crimson Day

My new all time favorite a7x song. I couldn't believe that this is not in the top ten, its much better then so far away and its much more enjoyable. I've been wrong, times over, I've been sane, with no words to find, but if the sun will rise, bring us tomorrow, walk with me, Crimson day.

Best slow song on Hail to the king

This song should be number 1! Nice slow drum beat driving the song forward, Amazing guitar solo and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. Also a fantastic vocal delivery by M.Shadows. If you haven't heard this song listen to it you won't regret it!

Amazing lyrics, amazing meaning, amazing song

17 Tonight the World Dies

I had a really hard time choosing between this song and Gunslinger, but I guess Tonight the World Dies needs more appreciation. This song is just so emotional and it's sad to see it being so underrated. - rsndazzahra

Best saddest song makes me think of my girl which I can't see no more, 2 years now and I still miss her

One of their best songs full stop. How can it be 14th. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful vocals. The emotion in Shadows voice are almost tangible. Deserves to be higher up

This song just shows how powerful Shadows' voice is. Just how he hits that note gives me goosebumps. Easily their best song for me.

18 M.I.A.

"Fight for honour,
Fight for your life
Pray to god that our side is right
Though we won we still may lose
Until I make it home to you"
Just beautiful!

19 Afterlife

What the heck is Afterlife doing here?! SLOW SONGS.. I like Afterlife, but this track does not deserve its place here - phil4134

Has an awesome switch between band in the video

Their best song but is everything except slow

Kidding. ?
This is the best song ever

20 Strength of the World
21 4:00 Am

This song should have made the top 10, it isn't slow but it sure is sad when you listen and understand the lyrics

This song should be in the top 5 so much heart in the song

22 Angels

This one is definitely the best for me!
drums are awesome... state of the art

23 Nightmare

Nightmare isn't a slow song but it is my favorite so I'm at least happy that it made it on this list

Really awesome guitar and bass part

Everything but slow* - Rocker00

Only song I know out of these 20!

24 Requiem

This is a really good song, but it is not slow at all. The only slow parts are the latin chants and the prayer to the dark. Its awesome, but it should not be on this list. - WolfByShadow

25 Danger Line

Just the most beautiful song on the album yes even more than so far away because of th
e epic change towards the end I love it

26 Remenissions
27 Shepherd of Fire
28 This Means War
29 Almost Easy

Song I say hell ya to and like the mix of the other band members voices to the lead singers.

30 Unholy Confessions
31 Second Heartbeat

Who put this here... Slow songs, people, SLOW.

32 Hail to the King
33 God Damn
34 Burn It Down

This is a song about basically being stabbed in the back and what your feelings will now be towards that/those person/people

35 The Stage

This song deserves more attention!

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