Best Avenged Sevenfold Song on Live at the LBC

Live In The LBC was a concert recording included with Avenged Sevenfold's Diamonds In The Rough album. I've personally watched the recording 10+ times by now. The concert was preformed at the peak of A7X's career when they were blowing up and had released multiple big albums. A7X preformed at their home town, Long Beach, in Orange County, California. During the concert, A7X had it's fan favorite line-up of The Rev (RIP), M. Shadows, Zacky V, Johnny Christ, and Syn Gates.

Set-list: (in order)
Critical Acclaim
Second Heartbeat
Beast & The Harlot
Seize the Day
Bat Country
Almost Easy
Unholy Confessions
A Little Piece of Heaven

The Top Ten

1 A Little Piece of Heaven

THE perfect song to top it off with. The evil yet holy sound, drums, Rev's vocals. The dark story and vulgar display of power are amazing. And Zacky has a swanky suit too! - EliHbk

2 Unholy Confessions

"Yea-yea-yeah...", the soul of A7X's hardcore side! The drums rocking your ears and brain, the best feeling ever! The fast pace and aggressive sound. So memeorable! "Dun Dun -- DunDunDunDun"! - EliHbk

3 Critical Acclaim

The keyboard intro and nice sync of the instrumentations, the lower then higher vocals, Revs drums and vocals. Nice! The high screech of the guitars and the energy conveyed through the beat you can feel in your chest. Amazing! - EliHbk

Those political lyrics though ;). - CrimsonShark

4 Afterlife

The intro and clean, squeaky sound of the guitars and the little parts with Johnny Christ connecting the dots ties it together, but don't forget the backing vocalists helping with the tone. The lyrics, everything, spot on! - EliHbk

5 Walk

The loose, grinding sound of the guitar, with the Mateo having a low, Dollar Tree version of Phil Anselmo's voice. The great pauses between words adds a nice element. - EliHbk

6 Bat Country

The nice intro scream and change into a different of Shadows' vocals and a memorable song with Rev's drums getting beat the heck out of. The slower elements are nice and still retain momentum as well. - EliHbk

7 Beast and the Harlot

It's gnarly and recognizable intro, speedy drumming, and thrashy guitar sound mixed with Shadows' quick Nu-Metal like vocals go great with the concert. A great sound... - EliHbk

8 Second Heartbeat

The kick butt intro, and Shadows' ultra aggressive vocals set the concert into motion. The Rev having a fit on the drums helps it be that much more amazing. The anthem like vocals and guitar play shine here. - EliHbk

9 Scream

Ah, the darker side of A7X? It gets pretty hectic, and it's ' awesome. The guitars make me feel like I wanna scream, but it's too late since I already wasted all of my time. It's nice, and some might appreciate their guests. The high pitch and sick sound are great! - EliHbk

10 Seize the Day

The nostalgic slower vocals, pyro, clever instrumentation, it all comes together. It has some nice, gnarly sounds, and a nice beat. - EliHbk

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11 Gunslinger
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