Avenged Sevenfold Songs With the Best Intro

Vote on what you think the best intro by Avenged Sevenfold!

The Top Ten

1 Nightmare

Awesome intro! Awesome drums! Deserves to be #1. - joshsanz

No doubt. This is their song with the best intro. This is Jason Abug.

2 Strength of the World

Underrated song by a7x but has an amazing intro. You cannot think that this is an a7x song if you try to listen to the intro. - joshsanz

3 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1

Very emotional! Love this song! - joshsanz

4 Afterlife

This song is totally awesome. Everything from intro, guitar, vocals, chorus and everything is just so awesome.

The greatest intro of all times. A song which you don't get bored of listning "You'll be back here soon anyways". Let it be the live track or the recorded. Great guitar outstanding vocals and apart from all THE MUSIC! This song really touched my soul! A7X forever.

We are talking about intro, nightmare deserves on the top of this list.

Afterlife 5th? Are you out of your mind? Everyone please raise this upto 1st

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5 Not Ready to Die
6 A Little Piece of Heaven

The intro is so memorable, before the story begins... - malamJONES

7 Warmness on the Soul
8 Lost
9 Buried Alive

Great guitar on the intro

10 The Stage

For sure best intro

The Contenders

11 Unholy Confessions

I was no fan of loud noise until I heard this intro. Loud noise now just makes me happy

12 Critical Acclaim
13 Welcome to the Family
14 Second Heartbeat
15 Beast and the Harlot
16 Almost Easy
17 Dear God
18 Hail to the King
19 This Means War

How the hell isn't this on the list? The opening is so melodic then it's just pure head banging old metal. Great song live.

20 Shepherd of Fire
21 To End the Rapture
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