Top Ten Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs Never Played Live

This list is for all the Avenged Sevenfold songs that despite being great never got the chance to be heard outside the studio.

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1 Victim Victim

An underrated masterpiece of a song. M Shadows really digs his emotions deep here and makes for a truly beautiful song. Why wasn't this ever played live? The least it could've done was tribute The Rev (R.I. P).

One of their best songs, in my humble opinion. A true masterpiece, could have been a huge live hit. Don't get why they never perform it live.

I don't think they'll play this live because it's in Drop C. Same thing with Radiant Eclipse.

One of my favourite a7x solos! Beautiful song!

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2 Sidewinder Sidewinder

The Spanish guitar solo in the end just takes the cake for me.

This song was very beautiful,

Absolutely stunning, from the metal to the flamenco.

The one epic from City of Evil that wasn't played live, but nethertheless a dark and sinister song about snakes. It makes for a good listen.

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3 Coming Home Coming Home

They should really play this live. Powerful lyrics and amazing guitar.

This song has the feel of an Iron Maiden track, which is NEVER a bad thing. I really hope they play it live some day, because those guitar solos in the middle are superb, not to mention the solid vocals and drumming.

Just like with Planets there's always a chance that they'll play this song live at some point. I think enough of the fans like it to warrant the play.

Such a well put together song, the best song on the most recent album in my opinion. It is a shame it has yet to be played.

4 Warmness on the Soul

Even though they might have to bring a piano on stage, that wouldn't be too big of a problem would it? Awesome song anyway.

They played it in 2016 - Jado1234

5 Heretic

This track is INCREDIBLE! Kind of a throwback to 80s rock sound... like Def Leppard but with a contemporary edge. Absolutely love it and wish they would play it live in Ottawa in January 2018!

Incredibly groove-oriented (like that hasn't been stressed enough on this album) with some amazing guitar and vocal riffs.

6 Natural Born Killer

They played a modified version of it at Rock am Ring 2010. Same drums, same vocals, only difference they made was the guitar riff was the riff from crossroads

The drums at the beginning always make me chuckle it's all metal then ting still 10/10 song

This is one of my favourite songs by them! The guitar part in the middle gives me chills...

Some great guitar work here from Synyster Gates.

7 Tonight the World Dies

They need to play this live. It's a beautiful song!

How have they never played this live!?

8 Betrayed
9 Crimson Day

To be honest I think the chances of a live incarnation of this song are pretty slim. They only usually play one of their power ballads live and So Far Away and Seize the Day are the more popular choices.
Still there might be that curve-ball once a blue moon.

10 Lost

I love this song, wish they would perform live. The guitars at the beginning the way it sounds like they’re dueling is what hooked me

I love this song, I think the reason why the don't play it live is because of the auto tune. It would have been intresting for them to do something like that live.

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11 Unbound (The Wild Ride)

Most epic song of the album, excelent piano part in the first verse

12 Radiant Eclipse

Ohh that Drop C may be why they've avoided this one lol


13 And All Things Will End

Would certainly be the best outro live.

The Apocalyptic, detuned guitar solo at the end would be great live, but hard to pull off.

The best song to end an avenged sevenfold concert;
anyone with me?

14 Acid Rain

This one has a much slower feel than the rest of their songs. Maybe that's the reason.

15 Clairvoyant Disease

This song is too melodic and catchy to not be performed live.

16 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1

Amazingly well done songs, with an extremely fast solo being the centerpiece of part 2; it's pretty easy to tell why they haven't played this live. Hopefully someday they will.

They played this song in Mansfield, MA (August 30th, 2011) at Uproar Festival

They've played this song live many times, well into 2006.

17 4:00 Am

This song was not released on a complete album which sucks

18 Exist

They should play this song in it's entirety live one day

19 Forgotten Faces

I've seen many videos of a7x live during their STST days and never have I heard Forgotten Faces live.

20 The Wicked End
21 Flash of the Blade

I Love this cover, why they don't play it live?

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