Avenged Sevenfold Songs With the Most Meaning

The Top Ten

1 So Far Away So Far Away Cover Art

Say what you want about them or metal in general its hard to find another 5 and a half minute song that has so much emotion in it. FoREVer

Written for The Rev - patricemackinnon

2 Dear God Dear God Cover Art
3 Gunslinger Gunslinger Cover Art
4 Seize the Day Seize the Day Cover Art

Never before and never again has one guitar solo said so much. Say what you want about metal, but never ever has a pop song ever given this much feeling.

5 Nightmare
6 Save Me Save Me Cover Art
7 Afterlife Afterlife Cover Art
8 Lost Lost Cover Art
9 Fiction Fiction Cover Art

The last song the Rev helped make. - Cyri

10 Warmness On the Soul Warmness On the Soul Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Welcome to the Family Welcome to the Family Cover Art
12 Crimson Day Crimson Day Cover Art
13 St. James St. James Cover Art
14 Danger Line Danger Line Cover Art

It's about a soldier dying on the battlefield. - Cyri

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