It's just too creepy how well this song predicted how the future would turn out.

The Rev Screaming "I need another chance to live! ", and him being found dead less than 2 years later, eerily following the plot of the song.

We all want you back, Jimmy.

That is only one of the infinite details that make this song perfect, in my eyes (and ears. Mostly ears. ).

The solo and harmonies are masterfully done, not to mention the rest of the song.

The drum work provides a spot-on beat with the killer bass-lines, and M. Shadows uses just that right mix of cleanliness and dirt to get that voice we all know and love.

Add the aforementioned epic-soloing and you have perfection.

Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, The Reverend Tholomew Plague, M. Shadows, and Johnny Christ made some of the greatest works of their lives in this song.

If this was a rating system, rather than a voting system:

Afterlife, by Avenged Sevenfold: 10/10

synaster gates zacky vengeance jimmy the rev now(arin illijay)all the members of avenged sevenfold make a great combination, afterlife is their best song and wil be forever. they ar the best according to me their top ten song will be:

3)Almost Easy
4)A Little Piece of Heaven
5)Beast and the Harlot
6)Critical Acclaim
7)Chapter Four
8)Seize the Day
9)Bat Country
10)Welcome to the Family

avenged sevenfold should be worlds no.1 band cause no 1 can beat them! they rock!

This song is the first song I heard by them. The lyrics and vocals are great. The band went balls out on this song form the rifts to the drums. Rev sings in this song making it even better and the violin wraps it up. Not only my favorite A7X song but my all time favorite.1 After life.2 Bat country.3 A Little Piece Of Heaven 4. Nightmare 5 Beast and the Harlot 6 Unholy Confessions 7 Welcome to the family 8 So far away 9 Hail to the King 10 buried alive

This song is absolutely epic. The lyrics are PHENOMENAL. The story in the song is awesome. This is what great songwriting is and should be. Syn and M. Are at their very best in this song. The Rev really shows his skills in this song and is a very underrated drummer. This band does not get enough respect and this song should give them what they deserve and then some.

this song is my god superb undefinable just out of the world no one can make such a song else than these great
superb song synysters guitar solo is just blistering

This is such an amazing song! Definitely Avenged Sevenfold at their best! One of the best songs in the world! JUST AMAZING! Afterlife is brilliant.. If you don't like it then there must be something wrong with you! Screw mainstream music..

At first I didn't like this song, but after listening to it more and more, it became my favorite! I wish I had the kind of song-writing talent that The Rev had! I especially love to listen to this song live at Rock I'm Ring 2011, because Matt's voice was just incredible at that show!

Oh God... I was about to vote for A Little Piece of Heaven (Nightmare isn't all that great IMO), but then I listened to this. I thought it was just overrated, but hell no, it's worthy of being number one. Can't believe I didn't heard this one before.

This song is awesome from the introduction to the closing line! No way any other song can compare to the complexity of the meaning of this piece of music! I listen to it all the time and enjoy every minute of it. Avenged Sevenfold are musical gods!

I listened to other a7x songs, and I loved Shepard of fire and not ready to die (strange there both Call of Duty songs) and those were my favorite. After this song, not ready to die is totally going down to number 2.Probably their best song. Requim was too religious. Little piece of heaven took it too far, and Nightmare is anything but appropriate for everyone (although I still like it) great song. Number uno.

Afterlife is an interesting song. The Rev made this song and lyrics. Amazing melody, lyrics, and guitar solo. I love this song very much, I listen to it every time and I think this is the perfect song. So perfect song I've ever heard.

Most awesome song of A7x ever.
Lyrics are deep and beautiful, and melodic guitars are kick ass for all the song!
Heavy riff through the song is giving me chills and the Rev's voice just making me cry!

it's so hard to pick a best song out of all of them, but this song has everything. amazing guitar and bass parts, killer solo, spot on vocals (and backgrounds! ) and some pretty sick drumming.

The real list: 1. Afterlife, 2. Beast and the Harlot, 3. Unholy Confessions, 4. So Far Away, 5. Nightmare. Afterlife is amazing, great vocal work by M Shadows, stunning guitar combo by Synyster Gates and Zacky...

First song from a7x I listened then I looked them up on the internet now I went to their concerts and also listened to their music almost every day. This song is the reason why I know a7x til now

I want to cry right now. Let's get one thing straight. This song is extremely epic. But Dear God, it is overrated. Nightmare in my opinion should top it, and that should be topped by Buried Alive.

I would like to say that this song is perfect, but guys... The guitar solo is so bad. If it didn't had a solo or if the solo was like something of ride the lightning it would be one of the best songs ever!

In the top ten Airbourne songs list, I said that it was what made me play NHL 09. Well this is another song that made me play the game. Good song, and in general, NHL 09 had the best soundtrack of all time.

This song is a master piece especially if you got the one with the violins at the start one of the best solos I've ever heard and a epic intro, but where is crossroads that song's brilliant

OMG the best song ever! not by avenged sevenfold but at all! its so amazing! guitar solo is the best, and Matt has amazing vocals! and of course the Rev drumming... CANT BEAT THAT!

The new Avenged Sevenfold have improved their sound compared to their old ones, I mostly prefer this way better than their old songs, second is Nightmare of course!

The most awesome song humankind ever created, Avenged Sevenfold really rocks the world, not just the world, The whole Afterlife's people must be intoxicating with this song..
Nice melody by Synyster Gates, make my soul crushing into my bone

A great song written by a great person... REV... This song is perfect... It has everything in it... Superb lyrics... Syn's blistering solo... Rev's heavenly backup vocals... What a song... For me it's the song of the decade... And if you don't like this song... I'd prefer you should consult a psychatrist... A7X rocks...

It's the coolest song I've ever heard. I totally agree with 'thunder850', after life has no match at all. Please post some good songs like after life or nightmare.

Yeah this is my favorite song ever and my favorite song from them just amazing very good vocals drums instruments makes me wanna go to the Afterlife