A Little Piece of Heaven


A Little Piece Of Heaven is a very very special song, as all Avenged Sevenfold fans know. It's so unique and individual, everything about it is brilliant, particularly those great choruses. It has it's own unique style, and is a brilliant song. In ways this song deserves an even better position on this remix, A Little Piece Of Heaven, So Far Away, Seize The Day, Fiction, Chapter Four, Hail To The King and Coming Home are all literally joint sixth for me, I cannot choose between them, they're all better than each other in different ways and are all BRILLIANT songs. Despite Chapter Four and So Far Away coming so close, A Little Piece Of Heaven has got to reach my top ten.

Avenged Sevenfold are a brilliant band. Particularly their second studio album Waking The Fallen, their fourth studio album Avenged Sevenfold, and their fifth studio album Nightmare, they're epic albums that all fans of rock and metal should listen to.
There's three songs in particular that come extremely ...more - EvilAngel

Yes its one of the favourite song from them
For me jimmy is god cause no one can take his place.
He is evergreen
In reality he is gone (r.I. P)
But for me he is still in my thought the way he pays his drum and gates guitar, vengeance guitar M. Shadows vocal johny bass
The way I explain is good but how much I expalin it is just less. I have no word to explain. Cause its untouched. My best song from jimmy's lyrics is fiction. It touched my heart. And one more thing. I can sing their every song and when I do it no one can stop me to sing this song
Songs are;little piece of heaven, afterlife, fiction, nightmare, save me, critical acclaim, demons, radiant eclipse, we come out at night, shattered, unholy confession, take this life, crossroad, gunslinger, clariovant disease, strenght of the world,4a. M, M.I. A, eternal rest, welcome to the family, sidewinder, bat country, beast and the harlot, scream, so far away, seize the day,
And also they create such a fantastic ...more

The perfect example of a great recording. There is nothing greater than just pure excitement and intense lyrics and rhythms. Not very often do you find something so violent and disturbing to be sang in such a tone that is positive, but in this song the tone and mood are just extraordinarily different and portray a new kind of feeling that is intend to scare and satisfy the listener... Murder. A gorgeously violent tune that soothes the ear while exiting the body. Nowhere else could you hear a song about all of the human desires together. Love, murder, and the unnatural. By far a 10/10

This song was purely written by The Rev now who wouldn't dig that it's a 8 minute song written by one person he played the piano in it the drums and a few verses were sung by him, he wrote the story. This song is a masterpiece like who couldn't love it, it is classical mixed with metal and Hard Rock just awesome

This song is something more than simply heavy metal. It has humour, violence, outstanding composition and striking lyrics. What else can you ask for? Here, Avenged demonstrates what they are made of, and the biggest efforts have been put into making this song. I think this track is different from anything A7X has ever done, although everything they do is marvellous. But This one, it's more than you could ask for. It is like Dream Theater's Octavarium.

Little piece of heaven is the best song of A7x, its so dark, so crazy, so awesome, and the chorus is unbelievable, sad, creepy, happy, fun to sing, then the song turns damn,...This song is indescribable, it's pure awesomeness. Number 1 with no doubt. "but baby don't cry" Goosebumps all the time.

As a previous commented, this song has everything in it. Great instrumental, great melody, the amazing guitar, many types of vocal... The smooth vocal of "cause everybody has got to die sometime"... Followed by the maniacal laughter... And the demonic singing... What a classic sound!

This song is the definition of Avenged Sevenfold. Kick ass guitar, amazing vocals, Jimmy's short but orgasmic parts, and the amazing drums as usual make up all of the components into one. Also the bridge into the hard core part of the song is without a doubt one of the most incredible parts of metal history.

Avenged Sevenfold is this song. This is Jimmy, this is Matt, this is Zacky, Johnny, and this is Synyster Gates. Every part of this song is a pure example of why they are one of the greatest rock and metal bands of all time.

This song is seriously deserveing of #1. I'm not sure why this song isn't top 10. This song is the most memory worthy for me at least. The story was so vivid. The emotions and breakdowns shot your heart and it completely left you wanting more. Jimmy's vocals totally complimented the song and the story was just twisted as hell. Another song that is Top 10 worthy I might add would be Gunslinger I think it's way better than Bat country. Rock hard guys

Gotta be the most epic song ever. This should be in the first place. The vocals, the guitar and the drums are seemingly fully synchronize making the music perfectly balance in all forms. A perfect blend of pop and rock indeed. Excellent song by Avenged Sevenfold. Thumbs up!

This songs is so awesome. It has it all. Voice of both Rev and Shadows mixes perfectly and makes a masterpiece. Avenged Sevenfold best song and maybe one of best songs ever. Yeah, this song is that good. - caronoakley

A great song to sing and play the guitar to if you wanna get a girl or trying to not lose a girl. Trust me I've sang this and played it to my girlfriend and she loved it, it's a great song to me and my band, came up with our band name after I played this song to my girlfriend and we love Avenged Sevenfold, so we were like we should do "Avenged forever". and we hope it isn't opy right or anything since we used avenged in our title.

Not sure why I love this song so much. It is definitely the best song by avenged sevenfold though. It goes
1. A little piece of heaven
2. Afterlife
3. Carry on
4. Natural born killer

The song is fresh from what you would expect from a typical metal band. The orchestra parts are very well arranged with the rest of the song. The saxophones going on throughout the song are just amazing. It is simply an epic song with very nice arrangements.

As a musician I have to say that I really admire how much work and musical genius was put into this song. It is the most amazing out of any I've ever beheld and it inspires me greatly in my own compositions. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what music should be like.

This is the song that got me hooked on Avenged Sevenfold. Although I currently listen to other songs from them more consistently, this one still has my vote because of its ability to tell a creepy but awesome story. Melodic, heavy, chilling, breathtaking!

This song is their greatest song ever because it's creative and experimental. The combination of orchestra, choir, awesome vocals, their signature music, and sick lyrics is pure epic. 8 minutes of awesomeness! I never get tired of listening to this song.

This is seriously, EASILY the best song by A7X. It's so beautifully dark and tells an awesome story. The instrumentals are amazing, and the different voices that are used make it one of a kind. This track has a ton of high quality variety that never gets old.

Afterlife is good, but it's NOT their best song. This, however, definitely deserves to be #1! Awesome vocal-work and it's catchy! "Eat it, eat it, eat it! " Without a doubt, this will probably always be my favorite Avenged Sevenfold song! Best metal band of all time!

Words can't describe how much of a master piece this is. This song has literally made me both laugh and cry. I can listen to this no matter what mood I'm in. It is music perfection.

I LOVE THIS SONG! It's so awesome and cruel! The first time the average person listened to it, its like a only happy song, but when I watched the music video I was like THIS IS COOL! This is a master piece! When I listen to it, IT IS a little piece of heaven!

All songs should be one but this is SO unique not only to sevenfold but the whole world of music well there are some close cases like system of a down but apart from you will never find a unique masterpiece like this again foREVer

Stand up to the podium, pick up the microphone in front of me, take a deep breath.. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to give a little piece of say that, a little peace of heaven must be in number ONE. Thank you..

I think this song can make me want to do like in this video clip, though the video clip was shown that cruelty treatment but I very very like with it. Love forever though already death. I am very interested with this song