I think this song is easily the best song written by Avenged Sevenfold. From the amazing lyrics to the crazy drumming and of course the unbelievable guitar parts. I love the huge solos that they play and how amazing they play it live. This song should be on top of this list.

I didn't expect for this song to be at the top, but seeing it so low on this list depresses the hell out of me. I can say with utmost confidence that half of the people who voted for Afterlife don't even know any songs from Avenged Sevenfold's best album, City of Evil.

I'm surprised this song isn't rated higher. This is one of the better war songs out there, since it covers life after a war, making it unique. The guitar riffs and solos absolutely rule, and M. Shadows voice versatility is on full display. Have to love this song if you are a fan of A7X!

No no no! The last time I was on this sight, the amazing MIA was in the top ten, its rightful place, this is ridiculous, get some votes in now because this song is far to epic to be so poorly credited as this ranking suggests.

This song absolutely should be number one. I fall in love with this song because its Patriotic, the sacrifice and war. I love the part when M. Shadows sang the slow part. And the part Synyster solo himself, The Rev playing amazingly! AWESOME!

This is quite possibly their best song ever! Just listen to the songs first before you vote! Nothing is quite like this song, its like heaven and hell meeting or something

Ok I am a die hard Avenged Sevenfold fan and everyone of their songs are great. Everyone says that every band has a best song but I think every song is the best for Avenged m/. But if I really had to pick one song to be my favorite its definitely this song. It's an utter masterpiece. The power of his voice during Staring at the carnage... (the second time) it is unbelievable.

Great song. Starts mellow, so some might pass over it, but it has a great meaning, and DOES get harder. One of their best, I would say. Top ten at least, maybe top 5. Not number one though.

This is such and underrated song its crazy. This should EASILY be at least number 2 or 3. It might even be a bit better than afterlife but probably not.

Why? This is a great song should be in the top 5,10 or number 1 instead. This song have what it takes. My top ten list is.1.M.I. A 2. Afterlife 3. So Far Away 4. Almost easy 5. Seize The Day 6. Dear God 7. Hail To The King 8. A Little Piece of Heaven 9. Buried Alive 10. Bat Country. Somtimes I sing all of this songs especially M.I. A and I say VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

This song is an epic and emotional song, I don't really see why it is so low in the list. It ends with a nice mellow ending too that gives it a nice touch.

Well this is the perfect song.. And the guitar works are also one of my favorites.. I think this should be their number 1 song..

This song starts off slow then goes into a sick hard rock song. The riffs are amazing and the lyrics own your face!

A fitting end to Avenged Sevenfold's best album in my opinion. Won't crack the Top 10 because it's populated mostly by singles...

This will always be my favorite song no matter what anyone says. Its musically insane as well as meaningful and epic.

I love A7x, and this song is one of a kind. Its really great, not that those above aren't

This song is so amazing, please listen to this song and see its lyrics before voting for other songs

What.. The best song of Avenged Sevenfold falls so much back. Why the people had became crazy?

One of the best guitar solos I've ever heard Synyster Gates RULES!

Calm parts, hardcore metal parts, this song has it all. Easily my favorite A7X song ever!

This song has an amazing solo, great lyrics and great melody. Deserves a better place

Best A7X song, have been a fan for a long time, but just recently heard it and fell in love

What a great way to end City Of Evil. I think this song is 10 times better than Afterlife.

Deserves second spot after little piece of heaven.

One of the best musical piece for soldiers fighting in faraway lands