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21 Shepherd of Fire

This song rocks. Black Ops 2 Zombies Just Went Perfect With It. Best Avenged Sevenfold Song Next to Afterlife. But personally I think A Little Pieces of Heaven is almost their masterpiece. This song is hard-core, insane, dangerously deep and dark, like a mid-evil ancient beast that has awoken and released it's rock heart. This song is epic. The guitar solo where it takes on the chorus's rhythm is awesome. - blakematthew.tompkins

This song is awesome! Perfect way to open up the new album and it's a fantastic transition from Nightmare to the classic heavy metal A7X is bringing to the table in Hail to the King.

New song but I liked it at the very first moment I�'ve listened it. All the instruments are connected in perfect harmony you feel the AX7 power since the beginning.


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22 Strength of the World

This song has to be in the top 10.. amazing guitar solos towards middle to end.

This song has the sickest rifts imaginable. Why is it number 28 that's an abomination.

Best Avenged Song from the intro to the solos to the riff.


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23 Not Ready to Die

Best song so far, should be in top 5 at least! Amazing solo and voices, great new song! Avenged's getting better

Should be a lot I mean a lot higher this song only number 24 not good enough should be number 9, 10 or 11 vote this song please really amazing song love it if you not sure then listen to it first then vote please this song rocks avenged sevenfold rock one of there best songs should be higher vote this one please should go see them live amazing band love them best rock band around today - mneilan

The drumming on this thing is incredible, they really found an amazing replacement for The Rev

This makes me moist

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24 Gunslinger

Hey! It's the best soft song I've ever heard... Needs to be among the top songs... This song is magnificent..

It's the best.. I just love listening to it and I never get tired of it..
Its Awesome.. The worlds best song ever... This song blew my mind when I heard it..

The solo. The solo is one of THREE songs to have ever given be chills. And it is the only song with sung lyrics to do so. This song is my most listened to a7x song, it deserves much higher and took a much stronger meaning to me when one of my friends went into the marines I think of them when I listen to this now.

Dang, this song is awesome! I love the acoustic solo at the beginning!

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25 Sidewinder

Best song on City of Evil by far, and it needs more recognition. Just because it doesn't have a music video and it's long doesn't mean it isn't great. I would recommend this song to any fan of A7X.

Why isn't this in the top 5? This is pretty much the best song of all time let alone best Avenged Sevenfold song - the acoustic guitar solo at the end just slays. I would say that this is their greatest song followed by save me, trashed and scattered, radiant eclipse and then M.I.A.

This is easily my favorite song of city of evil ( right in front of trashed and scattered and M.I. A) Even if you think the song deserves to be at the top, you have to admit it's easily one of the most memorable endings to a sevenfold song!

This song kicks ass! Seriously, this should be in the top ten. The guitar, the solo at the end, just... everything about this song is incredible. It is arguably my favorite A7X song, if not it's in my top 3. I love this song. So underrated.

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26 Fiction

This song means the world to me and the fact that this is the revs last masterpiece as well just makes it that more emotional! FoREVer

So touching, best piece of music the rev has written. A7X foREVer

Spooky piano all the way through, and jimmys vocals in the chorus are breath taking, one of their best songs in my opinion

AMAZING song very different from others just listen to it

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27 Danger Line

What, this must be higher, this song is really ass kicker to the 2-and chorus and after it turns in very sad song and whistling at the end, that makes this song unique, SO GET THIS ABOVE

Have to listen to it! One of the coolest songs I've heard

Best song... No words.. People I kept listening to it for weeks... I am damn you 'll get addicted to it... Its a heaven from "I KNOW WHAT you THINKIN I'V BEEN THERE BEFORE"... Still keeps buzzing in my mind... Please vote for it

i'm free..

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28 Coming Home

Off their new album "Hail To The King" Coming home in my opinion is very similar to "Afterlife" with the fast and high pitched guitar. But something about this song has more emotion to it which is why it is my new favorite Avenged Sevenfold song and why it deserves to be #1 foREVer.

This song is truly amazing, the guitar riff is on of the best I have ever heard, the chorus is catchy and overall this song is a true masterpiece, well done boys A7X 4 life

I Think This is a MASTERPIECE, this song is amazing, and some of the best guitar of any of their songs, ever. This song should definitely be #2, It is nearly as awesome as Afterlife, and better than even nightmare in my opinion!

My Top 5 List for this Band:
1. Afterlife
2. Coming Home
3. Almost Easy
4. Heretic
5. A Little Piece of Heaven/Shepherd of Fire (I Can't Decide between these two)
Sorry Nightmare, You're just not as good as some of these in my opinion.

This should be a lot higher - christangrant

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29 Trashed and Scattered

This is my favorite song by them. I can't believe that it isn't in the top 10! Give it a listen! This song is catchy beyond belief. I find myself singing it everywhere that I am. The lyrics are badass as well. The harmony is awesome. The chorus is the BOMB!

How can this be so low down? This I probably one of my favorites along with wicked end and blinded in chains!

One of my favorites. Got me into Avenged, sick guitariing and vocals should be in top 10 at least!

La mejor de a7x

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30 Brompton Cocktail

This is probably the most UNDERRATED song out of all of Avenged Sevenfold's songs, the lyrics are powerful, and the moment the instruments kick in, the whole thing just blows you away! I'm really surprised this didn't even make the top 20! Just listen to it, it'll seriously stick with you foREVer

I don't understand how most people don't appreciate the song! It's one of their best and the vocals just have so much emotion, words have so much meaning especially since they were written by Saint James. I'm so glad a few other people can relate to me. Nightmare was the first and that used to be my favourite but now that I've listening to a lot of their songs I have to choose this one above them all.
Honorable mentions: Nightmare, Afterlife, Almost Easy, Critical Acclaim, Shepherd of Fire, Unholy Confessions, Scream, Natural Born Killer, Gunslinger, Welcome to the Family, M.I.A, Bat Country, This Means War, Beast And the Harlot, Buried Alive, Fiction, Save Me, God, Hates Us...
You get the point

This song deserved to be in TOP 10 in my opinion. Just a great song, with great groove and perfect, powerful voice. It's really hard to choose the TOP 10, cause this band has only TOP hits!

30TH?! You should be kidding me. This song is one of the most powerful songs in their self-titled album. Should definitely be in top 20, at least.

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31 Blinded in Chains

Awesome guitar
Awesome drumming
Awesome lyrics
Awesomely sung
And awesomely UNRATED, listen to it for once m sure yo wont be dissapointed

This is the most underrated song by these guys. Its an awesome song, one of their best. - PwnC0cktail

What the hell
This should be in their top 8
It's amazing
Jimmy the rev rocks man
Rip in jimmy

One of their most UNDErrated songs

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32 Victim

The lyrics are too sad. I wonder why this song hasn't received so many votes. Very deep song. One of the few that have ever brought me to tears.

We're all just victims over crime..

Always like that's!

Nothing can know what this lyrics, just the rev knowing that..

Victim is the song written with full of sadness. The first time I heard this song, I started to cry. A7x will rock foREVer

Incredibly deep song that just proves the lengths that these men will go to honor their fallen brother, by far my favorite A7X song with not one but two killer solos.

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33 Lost

The song is really good but the message that the song holds is even better. Its different from the other A7X songs, and that makes it special. You can hear it a million times and its still great...

This is really the most epic song I've ever heard. just listen to it give me spirit and the lyrics totally cool too! In the end of the song, you'll hear the melody that syn plays flowing through your ear like never end.
Definitely one of the song that will make you want to play again and again

Just heard this song for the first time and I have to say it has a great vibe to it which keeps making me want to listen to it over and over again, this is what a great memorable song has that keeps us interested.

Has exact same riff Brompton Cocktail and has horrible auto tune.

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34 Heretic

This is the perfect mix between their old stuff, and their new stuff. It's simple, but catchy! - maclancaster

Best song on the album! Deserves to be higher!

OMGoodness! Such an Epic song this is! Impeccable lyrics that just moves along with accurate riffs & Guitar solos. ahh in love with the song. Loving the Riff that follows the line " Rising masses, marching to find "Heretic Blood..." m/ This song & album made me an Avid A7x fan instantly. Album Title track Hail to the king is also simply amazing.

bad a**

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35 Natural Born Killer

Definitely my fave song of nightmare I just got the album and I can't stop listening to this song
- Aj7537

This is my favourite song on their new album (and I love the whole album! I can't stop playing it on my iPod playlist! ) and the drum beats in the whole song are just so full of energy. When I listen to this song my adrenaline levels always skyrocket! And just the way it's so thought out.
It's definitely one of the best on Nightmare along God Hates Us.

Why is this not up in the top ten? I mean, seriously! This is just one of those songs that you have to sing the chorus with them. I find myself singing it at random times throughout the day... I have to listen to it at least twice a day. It might not have to be in the top ten, but 35? Seriously? Come on guys!

Well thought out song, awesome drum beats and should definitely be higher on that list.

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36 Carry On

Legendary song it may lack The Rev (unfortunately, he will be missed D':) but as soon as I started listening to this song I didn't stop for 3 hours.

What a song! Get's me every time I hear it! Simply blistering

This song deserves place in top 5. Simply addictive.

This song is amazing this needs to be in the top 15 at least

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37 Unbound (The Wild Ride)

This song is seriously very underrated in my opinion. The piano is awesome and also the ending with the kids singing it.

This song is so catchy! It's sad how underrated it is though, it has fantastic sweeping and an awesome piano part. This isn't their best song but it completely deserves to be in the top five! - maclancaster

not my favorite but should be on the list - SurfinBird

This song is awesome its one of the only songs I have bothered learning on Guitar and Piano everyone who worked on this song put so much effort into it and it really payed off I don't understand why it is so low it should be in the top 10 in my opinion. I don't think their is anything else the could have done to this song to make it any better then it is truly a 5 star song!

The List Should Be like this In my opinion 1-15
1. Unbound
3.Second HeartBeat
4.Brampton CockTail
5.Almost Easy
6. Afterlife
7. Burn It Down
8. Critical Acclaim
10. Trash And Scatterd
11. CrossRoads
12. Not Ready To Die
13. Carry On
14.Acid Rain
15. Beast And The Harlot

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38 This Means War

Very good song! The new version of sad but true. The best song of the album and maybe the best avenged sevenfold song ever

Every one who love this song can probably create a song

Probably the heaviest song off the album along with Planets. These are the 2 best songs off the album. Both should be in top 10!

This is a rip-off of Sad But True - christangrant

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39 And All Things Will End

Ok I can't believe how underrated this song is. Best song on waking the fallen but the outro of the song is absolutely the best thing I ever heard you have to listen to it, its unexplainable.

This song is so catchy laugh out loud, how is it all the way at the bottom? Has all the a7x qualities, great solo, nice length, catch chorus, and heavy riff... The only reason I can fathom that people haven't voted this song higher is because they haven't heard it..

This song kicks the most ass ever. I've never heard a more under rated, yet epic song ever. And it perfectly manages the shifts between mellow and hardcore. And has my favorite a7x lyrics ever: "I have seen my world crumble and fall before my eyes, I know, I know... Dark will turn to light... In time I'll be all right. I know... I know. "

Better with each listening

40 Burn It Down

This is top 10 material.. This song is fantastic anything from city of evil deserves to be within the top 20 this is an outrage and I will not stand by and watch people ruin this top list!

This song is so underrated best vocals out of any song on city of evil by far

Just listen to these harmonys on guitar! But vocal track is definitely the best thing here!

Should be higher!

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