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41 And All Things Will End

Ok I can't believe how underrated this song is. Best song on waking the fallen but the outro of the song is absolutely the best thing I ever heard you have to listen to it, its unexplainable.

This song is so catchy laugh out loud, how is it all the way at the bottom? Has all the a7x qualities, great solo, nice length, catch chorus, and heavy riff... The only reason I can fathom that people haven't voted this song higher is because they haven't heard it..

This song kicks the most ass ever. I've never heard a more under rated, yet epic song ever. And it perfectly manages the shifts between mellow and hardcore. And has my favorite a7x lyrics ever: "I have seen my world crumble and fall before my eyes, I know, I know... Dark will turn to light... In time I'll be all right. I know... I know. "

Better with each listening

42 Burn It Down

This is top 10 material.. This song is fantastic anything from city of evil deserves to be within the top 20 this is an outrage and I will not stand by and watch people ruin this top list!

This song is so underrated best vocals out of any song on city of evil by far

Just listen to these harmonys on guitar! But vocal track is definitely the best thing here!

Should be higher!

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43 Shattered by Broken Dreams

Simply epic. This song has everything! Shadows really shines in this one.

Perfect combination of screams and clean vocals. Doesn't get any better.

The most underlooked and underrated Avenged Sevenfold song. Such a beautiful sound and a song about friendship.

What is this doing in here. This is the best song about friendship. This song should be snoopy theme song

44 St. James

Awesome song about the legend himself. A happy version of so far away if you will.

Great song about the Rev

Awesome tribute to jimmy the rev Sullivan, deserves to be near the top

Underrated! That's all I can say.

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45 Planets

This is a great song about God creating the universe! How else can I explain this song? I can't. foREVer

Awesome song after nightmare best a7x song ever

This song is a raw laserbeam of power that burst into you like an epic sonic boom. Zacky and Syns guitars are quite dominant in this song and the solo is fantastic. I think is the best song on Hail to the King and I am one of those that like all the songs on the record.

I used to hate this song, but it became my favorite off hail to the king!

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46 Dancing Dead

Amazing song, kinda simple but so catchy

How come dancing dead isn't in the top 10?

Simple and really catchy top ten kick ass solo and beat

The best a7x song in my opinion. the riff is just insane! the drum kills it. vote up this song man!

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47 God Hates Us

The drumming in this song is so awesome and the guitar solo is amazing to. It should definitely be top 5

come on!

This song deserves to be in top ten! Matt has screamed again in this one! - lookmyeyes

Amazing! Loved matt's vocals and the guitar solo! - lookmyeyes

Maybe their heaviest song since Waking the Fallen, and that's why I love it! In general I hate screaming, but Shadows does it very well every time. Even Syn said this was his favorite song to listen to on the album because it brings SO MUCH ENERGY. This should be much higher on this list. - turnpikefan2017

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48 Warmness on the Soul

Great vocal melody, easily the best off the first album. all in all just a great sounding song with a wicked guitar solo. should definitely be bumped up a few spots from no.27

should be at least below 20! the piano its so amazing!

This touches your heart. Brilliantly sung, it never fails to take me apart.

Overrated pile of Garbage this is a medicore at best song but that still doesn't save the album of STST - christangrant

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49 Exist

Unbelievably awe inspiring! I love the concept of the whole album, especially this amazing summary of humanity. Not in my top 10 list of favorite songs, but number 1 in my most inspirational songs.

Avenged Sevenfold's most symbolic and conceptual songs yet.

This is really complex and amazing

Their magnum opus

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50 Desecrate Through Reverence

M Shadows' best work vocally during this era. His screams were ridiculously high and his choruses are very melodic here. Too bad they never played this song live. This song takes a lot of vocal endurance and does not need a solo to be awesome. A7X chose a different path when writing this one and did very well. How sick is that breakdown when he screams "Don't ask! You'll never know! "? Definitely. Top 5 right here.

Wow, 51? I almost can't believe that this is where it is and dear god almost cracked the top 10. Shows the true a7x fans and the fans of their sellout songs. This has to be one of his best vocal performances and not to mention he can scream with such enthusiasm and antiquity, it almost gives me goosebumps.

I love Shadow's scream voice in this song, and this song can't make me bored..
Must be higher than this position! !

The Rev screams amazing here, not like at Critical Acclaim when he sounds weak. But this song is lack of Shadow's song - razors15

51 Lost It All

This is probably my favorite song they've ever done, right next to 4 A.M. and Fiction. It has a catchy guitar part, a good speed, and the message is so potent, I'm surprised it is not higher. I will admit it s not top-ten material, but this does not get the credit it deserves.

I have to say all of a7xs songs are awesome but this song should be at least around 20 I love this song and I think its one of their best

52 Crimson Day

Best Song on the New Album! Should easily be in the top 10! The solo is amazing and the Vocals are so touching!

I absolutely love this's great Please listen to it, you won't regret it

I do not have a favorite but I really believe this song should be ranked higher. The guitar solo is second only to November Rain on my all time list.

If you don't like this song get a knife and stick it in your eye. It feels good trust me.

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53 Acid Rain

This song Is gonna be something Big I hope It dragged me in the first time I heard it I'm gonna be listening to this song a lot in the Future! - Curti2594

Definitely their most underrated song ever. This song is absolutely incredible, but nobody knows about it. This and danger line definitely need to been more well known. Just amazing

A great song for changing their sound

Like the way they took a blues tempo to this track

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54 Eternal Rest

For this song to be so low it just shows how much the typical Avenged Sevenfold fan knows about Metal music... Not much!

This song makes you feel a badass why the hell wasnt it in the list! The intro is insane, the main riff is meaty, simple and really catchy. Give it a listen

The riff. Enough said.

This song is a great one. It's also among their heaviest.

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55 Demons

A great song, check it out people!
Should be at least top 20 everythings great, guitar lyrics drums. No, seriously, check it out.

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56 Girl I Know

Most underrated song by A7X. This song has everything from a strong beginning, to a catchy chorus, then to a crazy good solo. If this wasn't on the live in lbc album then this song would have been recognized as one of sevenfolds best songs

This is a beat song, come on. Its really underrated! The lyrics are kinda weird but weird is cool.

I'd sit in my room and listen to this song over and over. Amazing song, catchy and probably one of the best songs on Diamonds In The Rough. The Rev's drums kill :D.. I Love A7X foREVer.

This is a really great song! I love everything of it, the chorus, the solo, the drum and also the lyrics! It is so catchy, it must be at least in top 20!

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57 Until the End

This song gave me that deja-vu feeling the first time I heard it. The lyrics are some of the best that Avenged Sevenfold have ever written. The intro is perfect. The chorus is what makes it a classic though. How this song made it onto a b-sides, covers and remixes album we'll never know.

Ho my gosh, this song is amazing. The piano in the verses is outstanding, the chorus, all of it! It's so underrated, it really should be higher on the list.

Definitely has to be my favorite song by them. I own every album by them except seventh trumpet and this song, along with A little piece in heaven and unbound (the wild ride), has to be in my top 5. Most likely #1.

This is one of Avenged Sevenfold's greatest slow sad songs. The lyrics are very meaningful and well written. Until the End has become one of my favorite A7X songs because it's so amazing.

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58 Streets

The song is amazing, the lyrics all make sense, and the intro is really cool. The beat is really catchy as well.

Some of the revs best work! You gotta love the insane intro

This song is just too cool to be at #45 -.-

should be added on the list its pretty cool - Ak3nator

59 Betrayed

Such an underrated song, defiantly deserves some more attention. I own most of their albums and I can easily say this is one of my favorites,

this should be definitely in top 8 trust me I know every single a7x song and I am pretty much an a7x freak this song and MIA and definitely trashed and scattered

I've played guitar for 7 years and this songs guitar and lyrics really peak my interest, surprised its not higher on the list

Are you serious? This song is too good to be place 59... People should definitely listen more to this amazing song. I will tattoo myself " passion in my eyes, I live it everyday" the next week.

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60 Crossroads

This is a superb song with great drumming, vocal from jimmy and guitar is just killing this shouldn't be at this level this should have been more high

Wow. I love all of Avenged Sevenfold's songs. This one is possibly the best. The lyrics have both a powerful surface meaning and a deeper meaning that will stick with you for a lifetime. Matt did an excellent job on the vocals, and Jimmy was amazing on the drums and with his small vocal section as well. Zacky and Syn fill out the song with their crazy fast guitar and Johnny ties it all together with the bass. This song is just amazing, and is deserving of a spot at the top, not down at 52. A7x foREVer.

Amazing song. The only reason this isn't higher is because it's on Diamonds in the Rough, so fewer people got to hear it.

This song is smart heavy and catchy I don't know why this isn't higher it deserves to be higher

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