Welcome to the Family


Dude this should not be down here! I swear there's got to be some kind of mistake. Welcome to the Family makes everyone feel like they belong and it tells you that you're not alone in this world. Yet it manages not to sound boring and preachy. Heck it's everything BUT boring and preachy! It's so catchy I'm actually happy when I get it stuck in my head. Whoever put A Little Piece Of Heaven before this is getting a fist in their face that song is creepy

Agree, this song should definitely at top 3, not number 14. Totally a kick-ass song, perfect in every ways. And this is the theme song of Call of Duty:Black Ops, way too underrated. Vote for it guys. - TheBerserker

#14 honestly? More like in the top 3, a little piece of heaven is no where near as good as this.

The drum intro is awesome and the guitar solo although not one of synster's best is still great. One of avenged sevenfold's best.

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 5? GREAT song! I LOVE it! AWESOME AWESOME SONG! Seriously, how can this not even be able to be on the top ten? HEY KID DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION! Wow, incredible awesome guitar solo

Grabs you from the start, not a song you can stop halfway. I think it should be up there with bat country and nightmare. The drumming is amazing and the solos amazing, and it's a really catchy song

I love this song I sounds awesome and fantastic it's really good you all should listen to it and buy it on itunes if you love it on you could listen to it on any music site that their is out there

This song is AWESOME! This should be on the list right after nightmare and afterlife! I can't believe this is 14th.. Damn... This song is just awesome cannot be described

NEEDS TO BE IN THE TOP TEN! Brilliant riffs, awesome drums and the end is simply divine, sheer heavy metal. Put this in the top 10 or the metal gods won't be pleased

Why is this #14? This should be top 5! It's awesome, it's what Bruce Lee listens to in heaven while he's drinking tea with The Rev!

This song is truly the best song in the world not to mention the fact that the rev wrote this should be number one

Should be higher up! The little intermissions are so sweet and the guitars (as always) are mind blowing

Buried alive, fiction, and welcome to the family are the three best songs of nightmare album.

I LOVE THIS SONG so MUCH. This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Listen to it!

My favorite. Song right here, love the lyrics and drums. Truly a perfect balance

Number 14?! Way to low, let's get this song in the top 3 shall we.

Their best guitar work by far. Sweeping, Chorus, verse, all masterfully done

My favorite by A7X and always has... Great lyrics and drums, A7X foREVer! - Haqulea

Great song should be number one or maybe second only to nightmare

This song is the best song but whAt tHe HeLL is this why it's on no 13

Listen to the first 2 seconds and tell me this song isn't awesome.

Why is this song number 14, should definitely bee in the top 3.

In my opinion this song proved arin worthy of a spot in ax7

WHAT! This is my favorite A7X song! I absolutely love it...

off new album Nightmare. Seriously listen to it! - Musicahombre

What.. ! This song is a genius masterpiece of a7x. Amazing drums great lyrics, melodious guitarplay. This should be on the top...