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Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet

My personal favorite amongst all the titles floating around, this has a nice, fitting, interstellar sound to it, specially since it involves characters from different dimensions and realities, this title sets this entry more properly as a sequel to Infinity War and a closing chapter of 10 years worth of high-scaled movies - Enmanu16

Avengers: Endgame

Knew it was gonna be called this despite all the better, superior, more cinematic, with more grandeur options, the closure of 10+ years of cinematic worldbuilding will officially have a big closure simply named ''Endgame'', despite the Russos claiming the word wasn't said in the movie

But whatever I'll try to solely focus on the content and I'm so far in love with it, absolutely loved the scene of Tony in the desolated space pod, so far my favorite scene of his in all I've seen of Marvel so far, and that was just a couple of seconds

Loved the inclusion of Ronin as well, love his sword design, and finally, love the fact that there's indeed a Time Skip in the film as Scott Lang directly says that ''We met a few years ago at the airport'', which implies exactly that, as there's barely a time difference between Civil War and Infinity War, so I'm officially excited as f - Enmanu16

Despite the Russos claiming the fact of the title not being spoken in the film, Endgame is the frontrunner for the actual, closing chapter of Avengers 4, simplistic yet imponent, Endgame signifies the dark threat of a world without half of its life, that has to face the Universe's biggest opponent yet, somberly fitting. - Enmanu16

My peraonal favorite out of these so far. Even without bias as a Megadeth fan, the reference to Dr. Strange's quote is just perfect. - romanempire249

Avengers: Fallen Heroes

Given the somber situation of the entire Universe being at stake, this title would make a huge presence, and would fit the fact of the Russos claiming that the Title is in itself a spoiler for IW

Untitled Avengers Sequel (2019)

Actual title of the film until the official reveal, they could even mimic Deadpool and go on with a title like this, since Dinsey indeed loves breaking new ground, this would me meta on a next level - Enmanu16

Avengers: Conclusion
Avengers 4
Avengers: End of Days


Avengers: Disassemble
Avengers: Resurrected
Avengers: Legacy

With a similar meaning to the ''Eternity'' title, Legacy would convey the underlying message of the Original Avengers passing the baton and mantle to the New Avengers (or Young Avengers), group which will feature at the very end of the film, and given the fact that a theme of the film itself will be leading a path for a whole new generation of protectors - Enmanu16

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Avengers: Predicament
Avengers: Eternity

Given a cryptic Twitter pic posted by the Russo brothers, aimed quite possibly at the Avengers 4 Title, some set design pieces represented a letter ''A'' (Avengers), and next to it a letter ''E'', which could quite indeed be for ''Eternity''

Eternity would be a nice, communicating message of the fact that no matter how many heroes eventually turn to dust, the ''Avengers legacy'' shall live on forever, as long as there's anyone willing to protect the Earth, really fitting for Marvel indeed

The Last Avengers

Fitting for an intense finale which would be including numerous sacrifices and decisions, but at the same time, not fitting for a film which theme involves setting a new ground for newer, younger, and more refreshing cast of superheroes that will serve as the New Avengers at the end of the film

Perhaps the Last Avengers can be the final film of Phase 4 or beyond, but for Phase 3, don't quite think so, Last Avengers does sound nice though, intense, and thrilling


Avengers: Infinity Crusade

Actually the title that could most fit the ending chapter of 10 years of Marvel's Worldbuilding and vast array of characters

The Title of Infinity Crusade actually sets the ambiance for a lot of things:

1. Actual sequel of Infinity War, as the plot for Avengers 4 falls directly and immediately after Avengers 3

2. A story which involves multiple characters from multiple realms, realities and races joint together

3. The Infinity Stones will be heavily involved in the restoration of the world, so the Title pits them in the front as well

4. Fitting for whats gonna be the biggest MCU movie in history, closing in more than 10 years of worldbuilding, despite ''Endgame'' referencing Dr. Strange's quote, its not big scaled or epic enough for a sendoff of an entire, decade long Universe

Avengers: Marvel Studios Showdown
Avengers: Annihilation
Avengers: The Revenge
Avengers IV: The Quest for Peace


The New Avengers (2019)

Pretty much the film will set up The New Avengers as the future of Phase 4 and the MCU within itself, so this Title could eventually be used AND it's the only title alongside Resurrection that could potentially be a spoiler

New Avengers wouldn't be that of a bad title, and it sets up the theme of future, rather than conclusion, not bad at all, could even be great - Enmanu16

Avengers: Forever
Avengers: The Ultimate Battle of Good and Evil
Sub to Creeper Invasion
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