Top 10 Avengers: Endgame Questions with Spoilers

WARNING: This list contains spoilers from Avengers: Endgame. If you have not seen it yet and don't want it spoiled, please leave this list until you have seen it.
So Avengers: Endgame is the biggest movie of 2019 and after seeing it, I loved it but I, as well as other MCU fans, have like a thousand questions regarding the MCU's future, so let's discuss them. Feel free to add your questions.

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1 Where does Marvel go from here?

So far we have films like a Black Widow prequel, sequels to Spider-Man, Guardians, Doctor Strange and Black Panther, that's a good start. They also have the X-Men and Fantastic Four thanks to Disney's greediness. So Marvel has a lot more coming up in the future. - codgtamk34

A whole new Avengers team must likely, but first they have to spit out prequels while they figure it out I'm assume Iron Man's daughter will take up the mantel - germshep24

More movies. Duh. - B1ueNew

Maybe it's time for Hulkling - iliekpiez

2 Will We See Tony's Daughter In Future Films?

I hope we see her in 10 years! She should be an Avenger!

I’d rather she become Iron Heart than Riri Williams. Either that, or she eventually takes up the Rescue mantle after Pepper is too old to continue.

3 What will happen to the surviving OG Avengers?

So far, they haven't named any films the surviving OG Avengers will appear in later on, but I'm hoping we see them in the future. - codgtamk34

Thor will probably join Guardians of the Galaxy, and Clint will probably retire. Not sure about Bruce. - Misfire

Also, the shield of Captain America being handed over to Sam. I don't know, but does that mean he is the next Captain America?

4 Why does Laura Barton's phone still have service?
5 Why is time travel different in this film?

They made references to a lot of time travel movies (Back to the Future, Hot Tub Time Machine) about the consequences of altering the past and the Ancient One explains to Hulk about how that creates a new reality. - codgtamk34

Time travel is different in every film...

To be unique...? lol - Misfire

6 Where's Goose the cat?
7 Where was Captain Marvel the whole time?

Somewhere in space. If she was with them the whole time, then the movie would've been in seconds or a few minutes. - Misfire

8 Did the dusted characters age?

To those asking this question, I will say no they have not. That's why Peter's classmates are still in school at the end of the film, they dusted so therefore they didn't age. Oh and Clint's kids are the same age as before. - codgtamk34

9 Is Gamora alive?

She has to be. The Guardians of the Galaxy can't be the Guardians of the Galaxy without Gamora and Quill can't be Quill without Gamora. - mushroll2241

I will assume Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 will answer this question. - codgtamk34

And is Nat alive too? - Misfire

Nope - iliekpiez

10 Where's Loki?

So in 2012, during the New York invasion, when Iron Man, Captain America and Ant Man go back to, Loki escapes and we don't see him anymore. So does that mean he's alive? - codgtamk34

He would probably still get killed by Thanos though in the beginning of Infinity War, But since they killed Thanos in 2014? I'm confused. - B1ueNew

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11 How is Nebula still alive?

Changing the past doesn't change the present. The present is going to stay the same regardless if you change something in the past. All it's going to do is that it would create an alternate timeline. So in another timeline, Nebula is dead, but the Nebula we know in the main timeline is alive. I'm not sure about this, but this is what I understood. - Misfire

She killed her past self, so that means her present self should cease to exist. - codgtamk34

I don't know. She killed her past self so she should've disappeared. - mushroll2241

And the universe will be destroyed

12 If the Thanos they killed at the end of the film was from 2014, does that mean Infinity War never happened?

In the current timeline, the snap still happened, even after killing past Thanos. - codgtamk34

It didn't happen in an alternate timeline, but did in this one, along with many other timelines. I think... - Misfire

Wrong, it still happened. - MrCoolC

Still happened

13 Where's Vision?


14 Are those who died in plane or car crashes due to the snap still dead?

Yeah I will say so. Thanos may have DUSTED 50% of Earth's population, but there were consequences to that, meaning a million people died from that in plane or car crashes and are obviously still dead. - codgtamk34

15 Did Captain America screw up the timeline?

No, they have said in the movie that it doesn’t. - MrCoolC

16 What Did Aunt May Do During Those 5 Years?

She was confirmed to have been killed in the snap - ZootopiaFan

17 If every change of the past spans a different timeline, then wouldn't Steve be in an alternate timeline now that he's changed the past by living a life with Peggy? Wouldn't he not have met Sam at the end of the film?

Changing the past can't change the present, but it will create a different timeline. If Steve went back to the past and lived a life with Peggy, he would create a branched reality. How does he still remain in the same one? - Misfire

18 Why did they have to kill black widow

To get the soul stone... there was no other way... either of them had to die. - Misfire

I donut get y they do this have

19 Why does 5 years feel like 5 hours for Scott in the Quantum Realm, but 30 years feels like 30 years for Janet?
20 How Did Iron Man and Black Widow Die?

Did... did you even watch the movie...? - Misfire

21 Did Gamora Turn Into Dust When Iron Man Snapped His Fingers?
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