Top Ten The Avengers Initative Opponents

The Top Ten

1 Hulk vs Hulkbuster

Last boss of the Hulk Episode.

Best boss battle ever!

2 Capt.America vs Taskmaster

After beating him he sees that the Shield your new target is the Hulk thing, was just a hack.

It was a great level, I made a Taskmaster Tribute on YouTube so please check it out, my account is DavidMP3Taskmaster, so please check it out, and also vote for this fight.

3 Hulk vs Abomination

Just before the Hulkbuster battle.

4 Hulk vs Zzzax

It's like a Spiderman vs Electro thing.

5 Capt.America vs Ender War Drone

Awesome fighter, hard to defeat ok?

6 Hulk vs B-Series Humanoid

Strechable guy and second version of the K-Series Humanoid.

7 Capt.America vs Titan War Drone

Really has HYDRA all over it, literally!

8 Hulk vs Wendigo

Wendigo is creepy, but WEAK!

9 Hulk vs Kronan Monstrosity

A monster version of the Kronan Berserker.

10 Hulk vs Skrull Elite

Great opponent, even Cap fights him.

The Contenders

11 Hulk vs Kronan Berserker

The Berserker version of the Kronans. Looks really like a berserker!

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