Best Avicus PVPers

The Top Ten

1 sunrise728
2 itzdylan115
3 izjust4fun

I've never 1v1'ed him doh so I dunno

4 xhckrocks
5 PeachyYas

Same level as is

I would pay a fortune to see Peachy 1v1 izjust4fun


6 Ducksfanwaterloo

This guy is eZ


Best water boy on Avicus! 11! 11

He can't evn toon town?

Can confirm he is ez

7 Cayden
8 X_Heat
9 jgkid111
10 99250

The Contenders

11 zeus449
12 Ronloyd
13 legoche

Always gets monuments and beats me at 1v1s

14 glitchy1
15 Notalgicular

Avipvp god!

16 EmeraldSword85

Emerald for the win!

"Your not Difficult Mate" ~Emerald

Emmy! Dah best :3

He is the god at kill farming, especially on Quintus. He can tank real well and has gotten a killstreak of 384 in a 2 hour Match of Quintus

17 coolmanluca
18 DaGoldBrick

Why are you not at the rope and/or tied with Stan

19 cels43

God and black pvp - cels43

20 StanMPL

Stan is god. enough said

Stan is probaly one of the best pvpers that have ever joined Avicus. This guy deserves the N1 place without a doubt. Amazing at soup and pot and also god at blockhitting. Best

21 Dagoldbrick

Dagoldbrick is strafe. enough said

22 Yoavkipper

Voted for him because sweg

23 SeanGamingMC

I just thought I'd stick this here. I'm not the best, but especially in maps with good armor and okay swords (10 hits or so till death) I can be decent. I've gotten a 13 killstreak before - SeanGamingMC

24 Notalgiicular
25 BOSS_Turtle98
26 1Theodore1
27 xLininger
28 MLGtino
29 cinammoncroc000

Give him a bow and we're all screwed... - SeanGamingMC

30 Mooch24
31 Craft_Sem
32 Elff
33 Remyleouistiti

No one likes this kid-bmb

34 DoctaPop

The pew pew mastr himslf

35 Cayden
36 S3M3L
37 D00ZiE

He gets rekt 10 harts

38 SkythekidRS

He is the best pvper, might be a little overrated but his strafe is amazing!

39 MustardMan227
40 XtremPanda
41 Ebirdy9

Best bird paper on avicus

He is such based! 11!

42 NuclearDucky

I don't know why I'm doing this xP

43 Sulorak
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